Apache Projects for Big Data

Apache Projects for Big Data

     Apache Projects for Big Data is an achiever’s field which led you by achievement steps for walking towards your aim of life. Our Apache Projects for Big Data service offers Big Data expert support and guidance for students and research philosophers who come from different streams namely Compute Application (BCA and MCA), Information Technology (BTech, MTech, BSC and MSC), Computer Science (BE, ME, BSC and MSC), Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE). Today we tie up with enormous universities and colleges in all over the world.  By the asset of our service, today our Apache Projects for Big Data is reached in world’s each and every nooks and corners. Are you keen to acquire our splendiferous notions? You can directly communicate with our brilliants by means of our nonstop live-in care service.

Apache Projects for Big Data

    Apache Projects for Big Data is our premier which is organized with the only scope of obliges research and students society to upgrade their skills to perform universal breaking achievements. On these days, we are prepared 5000+ Apache based big data projects on various research infrastructures namely energy-efficient cloud computing, parallel computing platform, grid stream computing, cloud stream computing, autonomic cyber infrastructure, high performance computing platform, autonomic computing etc. Apache Projects for Big Data range is starts from A-Z (Apache Airavata – ZooKeeper). Everyone talks about Apache, but no one knows how to use according to the applications. In order to use Apache Hadoop, Pig, MapReduce and Mahout for your Big Data Projects, first you learn to use. Our project developers have 10+ years of experience to make such beautiful projects. To know more about services, contact us through mail or phone.

    …”Apache Big Data is a platform to share knowledge, thoughts, ideas and creativity with the aim of exploring Big Data Technologies. It can be work in Big Data, Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering that connect and collaborate in a neutral environment”.

Apache Big Data Projects Ideas:

 Big Data:

  • Open source platforms (Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, etc.)
  • Linked data and Big Data
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Internet of Everything
  • Encryption, Security and Confidentiality
  • Databases and Search
  • Open Cloud Data
  • Unique use cases and best practices
  • Success stories and failures
  • Deployment, Integration and Architecture

Data Science and Engineering:

  • Impact of Data Analytics
  • R Programming
  • Data model and experiment production
  • Algorithms and statistics
  • Threat analysis and Security
  • Fraud detection and adversary analytics
  • Analysis workflow and data source evaluation

Internet of Everything:

  • Mobile and sensor data collection
  • Security and Privacy
  • Addressing and naming of devices
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Streaming and Data Analysis impacts

Big Data Interfacing:

  • SQL query interface with Postgres 9.1
  • ZiScape Database Architecture (Online Big Data Access)
  • Customized User-Interface in Apache Kylin
  • Oracle-Hadoop Visual Interface

Big Data Enterprise:

  • Analytics as a Service
  • Data Team Management
  • Productivity increasing via Data-Driven Automation
  • Service development and Data-driven Product
  • Real-time and at-rest data access in day by day operations

World’s Top Apache Projects for Big Data:

  • Load Smart Electricity Infrastructure Flow Solution Using Wind/Hydro Driven Induction Generator Model
  • Big Data Integration to Smart Learning Framework for E-Learning Transition
  • Seoul Metropolitan Area Clustering by Deep Belief Network Based Travel Patterns
  • Job Compilation Time Optimization During Virtual Machine Placement on Cloud Environment
  • Bounded Message Delay and Threshold Time Constraint in DNTs (Delay Tolerant Networks)
  • Advanced Communication Systems Based on NoC for Smart City Management
  • Affecting Cloud Computing Critical Success Factors Adoption in Gas and Oil Industry
  • Smart Vehicle Security System by Malware for Defending Against Collaborative Attacks
  • Milk Products Monitoring Framework and Arm Processor for Microbial Activity Early Detection
  • Decision Prediction Using Data Mining Approaches for Municipal Services Provision
  • Analyze Students Progression Using Big Data Open Source Prediction Modeling Tool in Educational Institution
  • Future Wireless Network Architecture by Enhancing 4G LTE Wireless Network for Smart Cities
  • SLLIC (Single Layer Linear Counter Propagation) Neural Network for Predict Muscat Securities Market Index
  • DCCF and DWT for Hyper Spectral Images Dimensionality Reduction and Classification
  • Evaluate G3 Narrowband PLC Standard Performance for Transmission Over Single and paired Transformer