Big Data Thesis Ideas

Big Data Thesis Ideas

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Big Data Thesis Ideas

   Big Data Thesis Ideas is our awe-inspiring service with the aim of grant best guidance and ideas for students in the part of big data thesis preparation. Big data is an ocean of data and information and we swim every day. It is the vast zeta bytes of flowing data from mobile devise, laptops, machine sensors and computers. We can analyze, store and manage data by using immense of big data tools for gain valuable insights which is previously unimaginable. Here, we highlight some of the big data technologies including artificial intelligence, big data analytics, machine learning, in-memory data management and more.

Now, let us view some Big Data Thesis Ideas,

  • MapReduce – Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
  • The Google File System
  • Dynamo: Amazon Core Key-Value Service
  • Chukwa: Large Scale Monitoring System
  • Bigtable: Structure Data Distribution System
  • Chubby: Distributed Loosely Coupled Lock Service
  • Cassandra: Structured Decentralized Storage System
  • HadoopDB Hybrid Architecture: Integration of DBMS and MapReduce
  • S4: Distributed Stream Computing Platform
  • Large Scale Incremental Processing
  • Pregel: Large Scale Graph Processing
  • Spanner: Global Distributed Database from Google’s
  • Page Citation Ranking over Web
  • MapReduce: Multicore Machine Learning
  • Megastore: Scalable and storage system
  • Machine learning: Multi-omics data integration
  • Data mining Geographical mobility data
  • Deep learning: Multi agent systems behavior strategic monitoring

Research Areas of Interest:

  • Business intelligence and Data warehousing
  • Web service management
  • Content management
  • XML database management
  • XML query processing and optimization
  • Distributed Transaction management systems
  • Data query in sensor networking and mobile computing
  • Machine Learning on Big Data

    View in below, there is a list of Big Data Thesis Ideas Topics. If you wish to pick any one of these topics, you can choose and get complete assistance from us. 

  • Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Based Grey Wolf Optimization for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  • SPEA Based Pareto Evolutionary Algorithm Based on Distance for Combinatorial Problems
  • Privacy Preserving Multi-Keyword Search Based on Dynamic Cluster Through Encrypted Cloud Data
  • Heuristic Model to Enhance Machine Learning Based Feature Selection in Data Mining
  • Versatile Web Based Thin Client OS by Cloud Driving Concept Using Cloud Services
  • Automatic Generation of Goal Oriented Test Data Using Simulated Annealing and Genetic Algorithm
  • Enhanced Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Network for Connected Dominating Set Construction
  • Group Based Ad Hoc on-Demand Distance Vector Related Protocols Analysis in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  • Modeling Approach Prediction for Electricity Consumption Forecasting to Data Mining
  • Job Scheduling Algorithm Based on Preemptive Priority in Green Cloud Computing
  • Grouping and Probabilistic Methods for Identify Morphological Root for Afaan Oromo
  • Wi-Fi Fingerprint Localization for Public Spaces Using Density Based Clustering
  • VROS (Virtual Reality Operating System) Implementation for Next Generation Computing
  • Degraded Camera Captured Document Improvement Based on Image Processing for Improved OCR Accuracy
  • Gum Diseases Diagnosis Based on Risk and Symptom Factor Using Neural Network