Big Data Projects

Big Data Projects

      Big Data Projects offer awesome highway to succeed your daydream of goal with the help of your motivation of vehicle. Our team of highly talented and qualified big data experts has groundbreaking research skills to provide genius and innovative ideas for undergraduate students (BE, BTech), post-graduate students (ME, MTech, MCA, and MPhil) and research professoriates (MS/PhD). Our magnificent brilliants are understanding area of academic interest & your career plans and then we provide apt and trend of project topics for you. We are nearly prepared 5000+big data projects and today committed with thousands of big data projects. Students who need our guidance in your project implementation part? Get in touch with our big data brilliants quickly.

Big Data Projects

    Big Data Projects is our outstanding service which is introduced with the vision of provides high quality for students and research community in affordable cost. Big Data gives unprecedented opportunities and insights including data security, data mining, data privacy, MongoDB for big data, cloud integration, big data with data science and data discrimination. Today wide ranges of efficient tools are used in various research domains to create effective and specialized big data world such as Hadoop, Cassandra, Strom, Kafka, MongoDB, Hive etc.

Major Research Objectives in Big Data:

Big Data Issues: Privacy and Security Analytics Theory

  • Big Data security and privacy, Big Data Sampling and Statistical Theory, etc.

Big Data Analytics: Machine Learning and Data Mining

  • High dimensional data modeling, Data visualization, Large-scale machine learning, etc.

Big Data Analytics for Data Science and Engineering

  • Big Data in multi-disciplines (Social, bio, chemistry and engineering)

Big Data Computing Analytics: Help with Datacenter

  • Big Data collection, transformation, integration, distributed management, computing, etc.

Growth Areas in Big Data (Application-level):

  • Data Visualization
  • Climatic Change
  • Personalized Healthcare
  • Multi-channel sales
  • Telecom services
  • Trading Analytics
  • Traffic Control
  • Search Quality
  • Homeland Security
  • Smarter Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Train Delay Prediction
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Robotics Applications
  • Genetic Farming

Key Topics in Big Data:

  • Distributed computing systems
  • Internet of Things
  • Face Detection
  • Social Networks
  • Data-Intensive Computing
  • Hybrid Cloud Data Center
  • Linked Data Integration
  • Big Data Management Technologies
  • Graph Databases
  • Data Analytics or Data Science
  • Network Monitoring and Threat Detection

Big Data Issues and Challenges:

Data Level

  • Availability
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality

Generic Types

  • Different technologies uses
  • Traditional Security Tools

Network Level

  • Distributed Data
  • Distributed Nodes
  • Internodes Communication

Authentication level

  • Logging
  • Data Protection
  • Administrative Rights for Nodes
  • Application authentication

Big Data Approaches:

  • Network Encryption techniques
  • Nodes Authentication approaches
  • Honeypot Nodes
  • Node Maintenance Schemes
  • File Encryption methods
  • Layered/Tier Framework for data assurance
  • Software format maintenance
  • Access Control Mechanisms
  • Data Acquisition and Filtering techniques
  • Long-term data preservation techniques
  • Compute cloud provisioning
  • Third party software for secure data publication

Our organization is currently active in the following research Big Data Projects Topics:

  • Large Scale Water Frameworks Control Using Simulation Based Optimization Methods
  • Handler with Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Based on Novel Hybrid Flow in Software Defined Networking
  • A Fruitful Intrusion Detection Framework Using Raspberry Pi IDS for Internet of Things
  • Fast Simultaneous Mapping and Localization Based on GPU Accelerated Robust Laser
  • Energy Consumption Optimization for an Energy Intelligent Management Over Dynamic Energetic Simulations
  • DAG Ready Tasks Maximization Algorithms Evaluations in Multi Core Computing Paradigms
  • General Stochastic Block Model Based Communities Detection Algorithm in Mobile Social Networks
  • Zero Copy Shared Memory Framework in KVM for Host Guest Data Sharing
  • Sampling Based Network Traffic Measurement Algorithm for Big Network Data
  • Novel Privacy Preserving and Efficient Protocols for Human Activity Recognition Based on Sensor
  • Game Theory Based Algorithm in Social Networks for Overlapping Communities Detection
  • Integrated Virtualized Scheme in Cloud Computing Environment for Fault Tolerance
  • Anomalies for Mass Activities Discovery in Individual Mobility Motif
  • User Role Analysis in Dirichlet Process Mixture Models Based Online Social Networks
  • Energy Efficient Data Mining Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks for Emergency Detection