Data Mining with Big Data Project

Data Mining with Big Data Project

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Data Mining with Big Data Project

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The Most Important Steps insights from Big Data with Data Mining:

  • Acquisition and Recording
  • Extraction, Cleaning and Annotation
  • Integration, Aggregation and Representation
  • Data Modelling and Analytics
  • Data Preparation and Interpretation
  • Data Visualization and Prediction

Activities involving in Big Data Mining or Extraction:

  • Semantic Search
  • Topics Extraction
  • Clustering Records
  • Classification or Categorization
  • Records Organization
  • Duplicate and Near Duplicate Detection
  • Keyword or key phrase extraction

 Research Directions: Big Data and Data Mining

  1. Social Big Data Mining Technologies:
  • Parallel Distrusted Processing
  • Large Scale Visualization
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Information Extraction
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Integrated Analysis Model
  • Discovery of Relationships among Heterogeneous data ‘
  1. Big Data Analytics
  • Data analytics using Hadoop MapReduce
  • Text Analytics using Information Extraction
  • Sentiment analysis to Opinion Mining
  • Question Answering
  • Audio Analytics using two approaches (transcript and phonetic based)
  • Video Content Analysis (served and edge based)
  • Social Media Analytics
  1. Network Analysis:
  • Community Detection
  • Social Recommendation
  • Link Mining

Now, let’s see the Big Data Mining tools and algorithms,

Big Data Mining Tools:

  • Storm
  • Apache Mahout
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache S4
  • MOA

Algorithms in Big Data Mining:

  • Hierarchical based clustering algorithms
  • Hybrid clustering algorithms
  • Model based clustering algorithms
  • Evolutionary based classification algorithms
  • Decision tree induction based classification algorithms
  • Partitioning based clustering algorithms
  • Classification trees
  • Logistic regression
  • Neural networks
  • Clustering techniques like K-nearest neighbours

Most Recent Data Mining with Big Data Project Topics:

  • Uncertain Data Interesting Patterns for Reduce Big Data Mining Search Space
  • Big Data Distributed Mining Using Fast online Learning Algorithm
  • Machine Learning and Statistical Data Mining Techniques for Big Data Analysis and Predictive Modeling
  • An Effective Statistical Analysis and Modeling Techniques for Big Data Mining
  • Big Data Analytics Using Cloud Based Software Framework in Smart Grids
  • A Novel Big Data Mining Approaches for Crude Medicinal Plants Knowledge and Omics to Big Data Biology
  • Identify and Manage High Cost And High Risk Patients In Healthcare Using Big Data Analytics
  • Discover RFID Enabled Production Data Logistics Trajectory Using Bid Data Technique
  • Business Intelligence Using Demystifying Big Data Analytics Over Marketing Mix
  • Big Data MapReduce for Knowledge Acquisition Based on Parallel Rough Set
  • Data Analytics Using a Novel Linked Open Data and Data Mining Perspectives in Environmental Research
  • Data Mining for Develop Hybrid Intrusion Detection Framework in Power Systems
  • Topic Modeling for Medical Big Data Mining Development Process
  • Data Mining Techniques for Big Data Operation Performance Assessment
  • Evaluate Data Mining Tools Using Experimental Design for Telecommunication Monitoring Data