Big Data Project Proposal

Big Data Project Proposal

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One of Our Customized Proposal Format: 


-Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Overview or Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Research Goal and Objectives
  • Literature Review
  • Research Methodology Contribution to the field/ Significance and / or Impact of Proposed Research
  • Relevance to the Department
  • Research Plan and Outline
  • References

-List of Tables

-List of Figures

-List of Acronyms and Abbreviations

Big Data Project Proposal

   Big Data Project Proposal is an amazing way of get well-standard and quality of research proposals from us. Today, big data is a fast and critical developing research area which covers huge spectrum of uptrend industrial innovation and exciting research with an extraordinary potential. For that huge impact of advancement, bulk of students and research scholars have much interest to select their final year projects and research in the field of big data. At this time, we completed 5000+ big data projects for scholars with our inventive ideas.

New Big Data Analytics Supported Features in the Modern Era:

-Use or Connected Core Technologies for Data Access

  • Integrate data on Hadoop using a Visual Development Environment
  • Flexible Deployment (Amazon Web Services, Micriosoft Azure HDInsight, and Elastics MapReduce)
  • Access data in universal manner (Social, machine, sensor data, transactions, databases, and applications)
  • Parse complex Data on Hadoop using Pre-built parsers
  • High Speed Data Extraction and Data Ingestion using dynamic mappings and high performance connectivity
  • Hadoop Data Profiling to identify and understand the data
  • Visual Design Environment to preserve all the transformation logic

Our Present Big Data Project Proposal Topics:

  • Virtual Community Detection in Online Social Networks Over Association Between Prime Nodes to Ranking Algorithms
  • Game Theoretical Energy Management with Renewable Power Forecasting Based on Big Data for Energy Internet
  • Hybrid Feature Selection for Imbalanced Healthcare Data with Ensemble Classification
  • Article Level Citation Network Hierarchical Clustering Based Recommendation System
  • Real Time Spatiotemporal Features Detection and Tracking in Fusion Plasma
  • Parallel Patient treatment Time Prediction on big Data Environment in Hospital Queuing Recommendation
  • Temporal Dynamic Matrix Factorization in Large Scale Coevolving Time Series for Missing Data Prediction
  • Sentiment Computing for Social Media Big Data Based News Event
  • On Improving Constrained Group and Single Operator Placement in Big Data Paradigm Using Evictions
  • Privacy Preserving Verifiable Set Operation for Cloud Assisted Mobile Crowdsourcing in Big Data
  • Massive Remotely Sensed Data In-Memory Parallel Processing on Hadoop YARN Model Using Spark
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Based Big Data Storage Framework in Cloud Computing
  • Future Fifth Generation Internet of Things (IoT) Used in Reconfigurable Knowledge Acquisition Architecture
  • Load Feature Identification Based Smart Metering Load Data Compression
  • Multiplication Based Pulse Interaction in Impulsive Noise Paradigm for Underwater Target Detection