Projects on Big Data Analytics

Projects on Big Data Analytics

     Projects on Big Data Analytics provide Nobel research arena for you to create a new path on pathless place to do great adventure. We offer friendly learning environment for students and research Profess from many departments such as Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE), Electrical and Communication Engineering (ECE), Information Technology (BTech, MTech, and BSC & MSC IT), Computer Application (BCA, MCA) and Computer Science (CSE, BSC & MSC CS). Our magnificent professionals have high experience in big data technology. We bring depth domain knowledge, uptrend research knowledge and technology expertise for students and research philosophers. If you hope to use our Projects on Big Data Analytics service, you can immediately communicate with our experts through 24/365 days.

Projects on Big Data Analytics

    Projects on Big Data Analytics offer wide admirable platform for students and researchers to improve their skills to achieve great things. On these days, we are preparing immense of Projects on Big Data Analytics based on various big data applications such as web intelligence, earth science, advanced manufacturing, beer to beer (B2B) sales & marketing, high dimensional data, security & privacy, stock market analysis, biomedical informatics, sustainable development, supply chains, scalable cloud data management, geosciences, healthcare, humanities etc.

Key Big Data Trends in this Modern World:

  • Push IoT use cases for Real-Time Streaming Analytics
  • Growing Machine Learning Disruptor in Big Data Analytics
  • Data science team creates top priority in this scientific world
  • Co-opetition on Hadoop Spark and Cloud
  • Data preparation and security on data drive lake governance

Let’s see some examples of real time use cases,

Customer Service E-Commerce

  • Predictive analytics
  • Recommendation Engineering
  • Introduce offer at a right time
  • Next best action/next best offer
  • Cross channel analytics

Telecommunication use cases

  • Network performance and optimization
  • Call detail record detail analysis
  • Customer churn prevention
  • Mobile user location analysis
  • Price optimization and revenue assurance

Consumer/Retail use cases

  • Supply-chain analytics and management
  • Behavior and event based target prediction
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Consumer and market segmentation

Web& Digital Media use cases

  • Forecasting and ad targeting
  • Large scale clickstream analytics
  • Click and abuse fraud detection
  • Social gaming applications

Government use cases

  • Threat Detection
  • Fraud Detection
  • Cyber Security
  • Regulatory and compliance analysis

Recent Topics for Projects on Big Data Analytics:

  • Research on Internet Economy Upgrading and Transmission Path in Inner Mongolia on Metallurgical Industry
  • Automatic Scale Model Based Calculation Model of Large Scale Soil Loss Model
  • Research on Web Big Data Based Public Opinion Hotspot Detection Model
  • Compare Edge Detection Algorithm Performance Using Big Data Platform Spark for Satellite Images
  • Heart Disease Prediction using Big Data Analytics and Data Mining at Early Stage
  • An Improved Model in Distributed Paradigm for Providing Data Security and Preventing Guilt Agents
  • An Efficient Approach Using MapReduce o Data Recovery and Error Detection
  • Architecture of Real Time Big Data Analytics for Remote Sensing Application
  • Time Series Distance Measure by Underlying Dynamics for Efficient Input/Output Signals Clustering
  • Large Scale User Behavioral Data Based Mobile Phone Changing Prediction
  • Per-lustration on Duplication Techniques Techno Level Classification for Big Data Storage in Cloud
  • Human Resource Related Competitive Intelligence Knowledge Fusion and Representative Method
  • Data Aggregation in Big Data Wireless Sensor Networks with Principal Component Analysis
  • Bottom Water Reservoir Using Productivity Simulation and Volumetric Swell Agent Shut-Off Mechanism
  • Individual Mobility Prediction Based on Big Data Driven Hidden Markov at Points of Interest