PhD Thesis on Big Data

PhD Thesis on Big Data

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PhD Thesis on Big Data

     PhD Thesis on Big Data is our tip-top service introduce with the motivation of create knowledge ruckus amid of students and research community. At this time, we are implemented 10000+ big data projects based on various big data applications traffic control application, fraud and risk detection application, finance application, smarter healthcare application, manufacturing application, home & security application, multi-channel sales application, telecom application, search quality application, trading analytics based applications, retail application etc.

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 Let’s Look at PhD Thesis on Big Data in a different way,

Analysis and Select Domain

  • Choose from current Trends like Sentiment analysis, Fraud detection, Smart city application etc.
  • Hype curve of top trends in Big Data: Advanced Analytics, IoT, Machine Learning

Define Workflow

  • Data collection, Data labeling, Data preparation, Data modeling

Type of Analytics

  • Identify type of analytics like Predictive analytics or Descriptive analytics

Supervised/Unsupervised Learning

  • What are the supervised algorithms and unsupervised algorithms?
  • Which we need for clustering, partitioning, classification and decision making

Analysis Tools

  • Fix your tool which is more powerful to process the entire computations and predictions.

Four Pillars of PhD Thesis Writing:

  • PhD Thesis Format
  • PhD Thesis Hypothesis
  • PhD Thesis Research Questions
  • PhD Thesis Methodology

More questions are raise at the time of your Doctoral Research including,

  • Who will be the best supporter for Thesis Work?
  • When it’s going to be completed? Check whether it’s completed within deadline
  • Where to start from the research?
  • How to finish it with complete satisfaction?
  • How to write literature survey with respect to research workflow?
  • Which Tool is suitable for Simulation/Experimenting part?
  • Which area is concentrated more on these days?

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Let’s get your PhD Thesis on Big Data Topics, see in below,

  • Lifetime Duty Cycle Improvement in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Network Coding and Genetic Algorithm
  • Efficient Algorithm Design Through Cloud Computing for Secret Key Exchange
  • Vision Based Techniques Analysis for camera Captured Document Images Enhancement and Quality Assessment
  • Extension Implementation to Detect Vulnerable Elements for Browsers to Avoid Click Jacking on Web Pages
  • Conformal Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Triple Band Operation on Cylinder Back-to-back U and E Shape Slot
  • Noise Robust Acoustic Signal Processing for Speech Recognition Using a Hybrid Approach
  • Removing Traffic Congestion Using GPS Base Technology at Traffic Lights
  • Automatic Area Calculation and Edge Detection Algorithm for Fire and Flame Images
  • Survey of Big Data Tools on Patient Database Storage Methodology for Healthcare System
  • Analyze Enhanced Authentication Strategy Performance in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Using Re-Key
  • Paper Noise and High Density Salt Removal Using BPANN Modified Median Filter Approach
  • Knowledge and Data Classification by Evolutionary Method in Intelligence Informational Frameworks
  • Efficacy Restoration Method Comparison Using Wiener and Kalman Filters for Space Variant Motion Blurred Images
  • IRIS Flower Collocation in Matlab Using Neural Network Clustering
  • Analyze Augmented Reality Scope and Application Using Image Processing Technique in Marketing