Hadoop Big Data Projects

Hadoop Big Data Projects

      Hadoop Big Data Projects provide an immortal knowledgeable medium to succeed in your great mission. Our collaborative of certified experts are creating an intellectual stomping ground for budding of students and research academicians. Today, our ultimate research service is widely-reaching in world’s each and every corners by our worldwide students and research colleagues. On account of this reason, millions and billions of researchers and students gain our pioneering and inspired notions. Would you aspire to know more information about our services? You can contact our organization for our rapid service.

Hadoop Big Data Projects

       Hadoop Big Data Projects is our most excellent service which starts with the full vision of improve students and research colleague’s knowledge standard. We are experts in Hadoop and supported other tools. We provide the best guidance in Hadoop framework in-death understanding such as YARN, HDFS and MapReduce. We also give training to use Hive, Pig and Impala to analyze and process large datasets and use Flume and Sqoop for data integration. Let’s we have a glance over very interesting information about Hadoop Big Data.

Major Research Areas in Hadoop Big Data:

  • Map Reduce Architecture and Hadoop Programming
  • Big Data Algorithms and Models
  • Data Mining Techniques and Tools for Big Data
  • Tools and Software for Massive Big Data Processing
  • Massive Parallel Data Processing Using Scalable Architectures
  • Big Data Analytics and Adoption in Cloud Computing Environments
  • Big Data Based Data Streaming Process
  • Big Data Visualization
  • Smart Healthcare Based Big Data Analytics
  • Semantics Big Data
  • Business Intelligence Based Big Data Analytics
  • Big Data Management
  • Big Data Processing Using Parallel Programming Techniques
  • Big Data Based Uncertain Data Management
  • Big Data Using Machine Learning Methods
  • Analyze Large Scale Data in Social Network
  • Privacy and Security Challenges in Big Data
  • Very Large Scale Frameworks Based Anomaly Detection

Data Protection Methodologies:

  • Data masking
  • Traditional field level encryption
  • Storage level encryption

Other methodologies:

  • Data-at-Rest Encryption
  • Data-in-Motion Encryption
  • Data Centric Strategy

Steps to Protect Data in Hadoop:

  • Understand and Audit Hadoop Data (Classify and Rank Data Sensitivity)
  • Must Execute Threat Modeling on Sensible Hadoop Data (Identify Risk Data or Potential Vulnerability)
  • Critical Business Value identification in Sensitive Data
  • Apply Format Preserving and Tokenization Encryption on Sensible Data
  • Data-at-rest Encryption by Hadoop Cluster
  • Apply data protection at source applications
  • Apply data protection during ETL process
  • Apply data protection during Import processing Over Hadoop (MapReduce and SQOOP)
  • De-identified data using during Hadoop
  • Export re-identified data from Hadoop
  • Storage level encryption using Hadoop

Tips for Scaling Hadoop:

  • Storage Decentralization
  • Compression and Duplication
  • Hyper-converged with Distributed
  • Distribution of consolidate Hadoop
  • Build Lake of Elastic Data
  • Hadoop Visualization
  • Analytics Integration

Product Business Intelligence (BI) in Hadoop:  

  • Query and User Audit Trials
  • Authentication of Pluggable SASL
  • Big Data and Multiple Hadoop Framework Support
  • Access Control Based on Role
  • Support for Delegated Authorization
  • Integrate Enterprise Directory
  • Impersonation and Delegation
  • Security in Row Level Data Access
  • Protect Clustering Connection
  • Protect Data Transfer Protocol

Premium Topics for Hadoop Big Data Projects:

  • Extend MapReduce and HDFS Interface in Cloud Computing Platform for Big Data Image Processing Applications
  • Big Data Processing System Based on Gaussian Process in Cluster Computing Platform
  • Cloud System Based on Apriori Hadoop BDAS (Berkeley Data Analytics Stack) for Ranking Adaptive E-Commerce Website
  • Statistics and Hadoop for Relationship Analysis in Terrorism Big Data
  • GPU with Spark for Real Time Big Data Streaming Process Through Hadoop Framework
  • High Scalable Distributed Processing and Storage System in Big Data Framework for Unstructured Data
  • Infrastructure in Big Data Analytics for Complex Products Cleaner Maintenance and Manufacturing Processes
  • Design K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier Based on Iterative Spark for Big Data
  • Partitioning Big Spatial Data Using Spatial Coding Approach in Hadoop
  • Parallel and Distributed Big Data Processing for implement Virtual Datacenter Prototype Using Hadoop
  • Predict Real Time and Historical Data Based Travel Time Using Dig Data and Machine Learning Approaches
  • Hadoop Framework for Analyze Diabetic Data in Healthcare Through Big Data
  • Big Data Interactive Exploration Using Open-Source Ecosystem in Healthcare Applications
  • Distributed Parallel Principal Component Analysis (PCA) CA for Large Scale Plant Wide Processes Designing and Monitoring with Big Data
  • Multi Model Based Multimedia Big Data Resource Allocation and Architecture Analysis on Cloud Environment