MapReduce Project Ideas

MapReduce Project Ideas

      MapReduce Project Ideas provide the state-of-the-art infrastructure for you to gain the excellence of breathtaking achievements simultaneously. We create an intellectual scientific research ground by our versatile experts for students (BE, ME, BTech, MTech) and research academicians (MS, PhD). World you like to grab our genius and ingenious research notions from our celebrated experts? You can contact us by way of our 24/7 unlimited services.

MapReduce Project Ideas

       MapReduce Project Ideas reflect the high-powered and positive nature of our mind-blowing service. Our 10+ years of experienced professional trainers offer the best MapReduce development training for both students and research colleagues to prepare sophisticated MapReduce applications in their upcoming profession. By our splendiferous training, you can easily learn how MapReduce works and how to analyze/process big data by MapReduce technology. Let’s see the most recent technologies in MapReduce,

  • Biomedical Image Analysis
  • Map/Reduce Stream Processing
  • Task Level Native Optimization
  • Adds Complete Apache Spark
  • Cloud Work Preserving
  • Sentimental analysis of social networks
  • Hybrid power of MapReduce model for SQL
  • MapReduce supports non-java programs
  • Job execution through Multiple MapReduces

MapReduce Algorithms:

  • Trie Algorithms
  • Triangle Counting Algorithms
  • Ternary Search Tree
  • Scheduling Algorithms
  • Particia Tree
  • TF-IDF [Term Frequency, Inverse Document Frequency]
  • Self-Adaptive MapReduce Scheduling Algorithm
  • Page Ranking Algorithms
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Apriori with Hashing Algorithms
  • Streaming Algorithms
  • Decision Tree based Algorithms
  • Parallel Frequent Pattern Mining
  • Naïve Bayes Classifier
  • Clustering Algorithms [FCM and K-Means]
  • Sorting Algorithms [Array sorting, Naïve sorting, Sleep sorting, and Secondary sorting]
  • Graph Algorithms [BFS, Iterative BFS, Web graphs and Dijkstra]

Advantages of using MapReduce:

  • Fast Access with Flexibility
  • Cost Effective Solution and Scalability
  • Authentication and Security
  • Parallel Processing
  • Resilience and availability
  • Simple model for programming

Applications of MapReduce:

  • Inverted Indexing
  • Gridding LIDAR data
  • URL count to access frequency
  • Geospatial Query Processing
  • Distributed GREP
  • Term Vector per Host
  • Reverse Web-link graph

Application Areas in MapReduce:

  • Text processing and tokenization
  • Text searching and indexing
  • Machine learning and Data Mining
  • Creation of other kinds of data structures (graphs)
  • Data Transformation

Most Recent MapReduce Project Titles:

  • Dynamic Load Balancing Based Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters Using an Optimization Algorithm
  • MapReduce Frequent Pattern Growth to Discover Frequent Patterns
  • Improve Hadoop MapReduce System Using a Novel Approach for Big Data
  • An Apache Spark Based In-Memory Massive Remotely Sensed Data Parallel Processing on Hadoop YARN Techniques
  • Multiple Heterogeneous Photovoltaic Test Sites Laboratory and Field Data Analysis in Non-Relational Data Warehouses
  • Parallel Clustered Particle Swarm Optimization Based Big Data Driven Service Composition in Mobile Platform
  • Predict Big Data Driven Traffic Flow Using Nearest Neighbor Approach Based on MapReduce
  • Mitigate Customer Churn Risk Using Big Data Clustering Algorithm
  • Swappiness & Huge-page Functions Using Hadoop Paradigm for Search Graph Algorithm Optimization
  • Distributed Architecture on Big Data MapReduce Hadoop to Solve Small Data Problem for Input Splits processing
  • Naïve Bayes Algorithm for Analyze Sentiment on Twitter Dataset
  • An Innovative Performance Optimization and Evaluation Model for Big Data Framework
  • MapReduce Algorithm in Large Corpus for Measure Documents Comparison
  • MapReduce Jobs Resource Scheduling and Allocation with Deadlines Using a Novel Technique
  • MapReduce Computational Security Based Dynamic Date Leakage Detection Approach in Cloud