Projects on Big Data

Projects on Big Data

     Projects on Big Data grant creative and inventive platform for create your high aspiration of framework to open successive achievement. Our Projects on Big Data Service started with the wondrous hope of serving our novel and artistic research notion for worldwide students and research scholars in all over the universe. Nowadays we have relationship with the national and international level top universities and colleges. On account of this toady our grand and marvelous services are wide-spreading in worlds each and every nooks and corners. Day by day bulk of students and research scholars are come and together with our professionals. If you need more information about our Projects on Big Data service, you can communication by way of our 24/365 live in care.           

Projects on Big Data

     Projects on Big Data is our futuristic service to offer highly modernized big data project topics for students and research Profs to select best with the assist of our domain wise experts. Our world classic proficient are preparing immense of applications for big data including distributed parallel computing, cloud computing framework, distributed database, software defined network, internet of things network and so on. We are using latest implementation of algorithms and techniques to improve the big data processing within an endurable emerge time.

Statistical Data on Big Data:

  • Every day 100 Terabytes of data uploaded on FaceBook
  • Twitter generates 12 terabytes of data every day
  • 3o petabytes of user generated data processed, and analyzed on FaceBook
  • Every minute of the day new video content upload in YouTube
  • Similarly, every minute of the day 500+ new websites are created
  • LinkedIn mined and process with petabytes of user data
  • Human genome decoding is used to take 10 years but it taken 7 days right now

The above growth can be done using the following Technology:

  • NoSQL Databases
  • Knowledge and Search Discovery
  • Stream Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • SkyTree
  • CloudPhysics
  • Gratifying Analytics
  • Data Virtualization
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Integration
  • In memory Data Fabric
  • Distributed File Stores
  • BloomReach
  • Column Oriented Databases
  • Self-Service Analytics
  • Reference with single source for large business data
  • Data Warehouse for Operational Analysis
  • Poor Data Quality Correction
  • Digitization and data Quality
  • Combine Data Warehouse and Big Data
  • Data Security Permissions Stronger Administration
  • Digital Unstructured Aggregation and IoT Data machine

Integration of Big Data and Data Ware House Provides valuable Information, that includes:

  • Churn Management
  • Services and Products Innovation
  • Customer and Experience Optimization
  • Customer and Product Information Management
  • Correlation of Multiple new (IoT and Social media) and Existing data sources

Recent Titles in Projects on Big Data:

  • Predictive Mechanism in Cloud Environment to Scheduling Task Using Classification Algorithm for Big Data Paradigm
  • Natural Feature Tracking for OSIRIS Rex Autonomous Lessons Learned Navigation
  • Multi Beam Directional Networking by Modeling and Simulation of Novel MAC (Medium Access Control) Approach
  • Aerial Robots for Autonomous Change Classification and Detection
  • Vision Aided Inertial Navigation Framework in Unmapped Platform for Agile High Speed Flight
  • Reduce Infant Mortality Using Reliability Estimation Tool in Cube-sat
  • Noise Limited Space Optical Channels for Very Low Rate Coded Laser Communications
  • Lossless Image Compression Using Novel Approach in Nano-Satellite Framework
  • Adaptive Filtering Mechanisms for Estimate Arrival Opportunity Time Difference Signals
  • Mid-Power Rocked Approach Using Data Transmission Modeling and Testing
  • Stall Recovery On-Board Avionics System Using Enhanced Mechanism and Control Algorithm
  • Design SATCOM Link Adaptive configuration in Radio Frequency Interference Framework
  • Advanced Communication in Machine Learning Algorithm Modeling and implementation Using FPGAs
  • Deficiencies Path Based Routing Characterization for Wireless Multi-hop networks
  • Condition Based Maintenance Using Leak Detection and Aircraft Contaminant Sensor System