Cool Big Data Projects

Cool Big Data Projects

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Cool Big Data Projects

   Cool Big Data Projects offer outstanding pathways for students and research academicians to perform world-breaking achievements. We are providing our best for you with our wholehearted to enhance your forthcoming profession with the grand adventure. We are nearly prepared thousands of Cool Big Data Projects in various research concept, domains, technologies and applications including Satellite Technology, Internet of Things, SAP Technology, Anomaly Detection, Green Aware Data Processing etc.

    ..…”Big Data is the convergence of the three technologies including Big Transaction Data, Big Interaction Data and Big Data Processing”. Let’s see briefly about these three technologies,

Big Interaction Data:

  It covers social media data such as FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn and other interaction data such as Image, Text, and Clickstream. Many scientific devices connected with big data technologies including,

  • Medical Devices
  • Genomic or Pharma
  • Sensors
  • RFID tags
  • CDR or Mobile

Big Transaction Data:

  It spans OLTP (Online Transaction Processing), OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and DW applications. OLTP tools such as Oracle, DB2, Informix, Sybase, SQLServer, Britton lee, Ingres, etc. and OLAP tools such as Teradata, Paraccel, Asterdata, Redbrick, EssBase, Sybase IQ, Netezza, Greenplum, Data Allegro, Vertica, etc.

Big Integration Data:

   It is an integration of two technologies i.e. Big Interaction Data and Big Transaction Data.

Now, let us see the life cycle of Big Data,

  • Input Raw Data
  • Data Collection
  • Cleaning, Serialization and Validation
  • Transformation and Augmentation
  • DB Storage and Management
  • Analytics and Mining
  • Presentation and Interpretation
  • Output analysis

Here we provides some cool Big Data Projects Ideas for your reference,

  • Big Data Services computing
  • SQL/NoSQL databases, Data Processing Techniques
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Data Center Enabled Technologies
  • Social Networks and Networking
  • Software Frameworks (Spark and MapReduce)
  • BigData Implications and Social Science
  • Health Informatics as a Service (HaaS)
  • Big Data as a Service (BDaaS)
  • Financial Software as a Service (FSaaS)
  • Business Process as a Service (BPaaS)
  • Software Engineering Approaches
  • Natural Science as a Service
  • Service Duplication and Fairness
  • SaaS Load Balancing
  • Social Networks and Analytics
  • Wireless Systems and Applications
  • New Service Models
  • IoT service applications

Most Innovative Cool Big Data Projects Topics:

  • Characterization of Cross Platform Machine Learning in Internet of Things Ecosystems for Task Allocation
  • Data Ingestion Management Using Distributed System Approach in Wireless Sensor Network
  • Pollution Monitoring Using Energy Efficient and Robust Routing Strategy Based on ANN (Artificial Neural Network) in WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks)
  • Artificial Neural Network Applications Using Neuromorphic Engine Based on Memristor with Current Sensing Strategy
  • Sequential Approach in Online Peer to Peer Lending to Market State Analysis and Modeling
  • Power Law Distribution Empirical Discovery in Scalable MapReduce
  • Scalable Uncertainty Aware Truth Discovery for Cyber Physical Systems in Big Data Social Sensing Applications
  • Privacy and Security Preservation Strategy of Face Resolution and Identification Framework in Internet of Things Using Fog Computing
  • Investigate New Approach and New Pattern in Big Data Analysis Henan to Accurate Poverty Alleviation
  • Distributed Parallel PCA for Large Scale Plant Wide Processes Monitoring and Modeling with Big Data
  • Supporting Web Analytics Using Viewport DOM Based heat Maps by User Interaction Data Aggregating from Heterogeneous Devices
  • Situational Analytic Mechanism in Multimedia Social Networks for User Behavior Pattern
  • Big Longitudinal Data to Infrastructure Based Aid Behavioral Trajectory Pattern Using Improved Visualization Method
  • Extended Spatiotemporal Granger Causality Model for Heterogeneous Urban Big Data Based Air Quality Estimation
  • Big Data Analytics in Mobile Wireless Network for User Anomaly Detection and User Activity Analysis