Hadoop Projects

Hadoop Projects

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Hadoop Projects

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Let’s see the brief review of Hadoop Projects,

 What is Hadoop?

  Hadoop is an open source framework that stores large amount of data and to deal with the big data issues. Let’s look at the possible issues that solves by Hadoop Eco-system,

  • Programming Query building is difficult
  • High processing capacity is taken for high capital investment
  • Enormous time taken for long query

Key Characteristics of Hadoop:

  • Open source software paradigm
  • Scalable in nature [Unlimited Scale]
  • Reliable error handling
  • Distributed processing
  • High availability
  • Distributed repository
  • Flexibility and Reliable
  • Economical for data processing

When to use Hadoop?

  • Searching- Amazon, Yahoo and Zvents
  • Data Warehouse – AOL and Facebook
  • Log Processing- Yahoo and Facebook
  • Video and Image Analysis- Eyealike and New York Times

Set of actions over Hadoop for Big Data Processing:

  • Client Application submit jobs to Job Tracker
  • Next job tracker communicates and searches data location to the Name node
  • Near the data job tracker locates tasktracker locates nodes
  • When chosen tasktracker nodes, it submits the work
  • Task tracker nodes are monitored continuously through job tracker
  • When a job fails, job tracker taken responsible to notify and decides what to do the next

Recent Trends in Hadoop:

  • Machine Learning Automation
  • Data Fabrics Spreading
  • The NoSQL takeover
  • Cloud Gravity Grows
  • Data Governance and Security
  • The future of Hadoop is Cloudy: Teradatavoice
  • Cloud gravity grows
  • Big data options expand to Hadoop
  • Metadata catalogues
  • In-memory everything
  • Big data technologies in genomics: RTB, GetinData and Online Gaming

 Fabulous Topics in Hadoop Projects:

  • Improve DNS Stability and Security for Top Level Domain Operators Via Control Plane
  • OpenEHR Approaches Dewey and Hadoop Encoding for Querying Electronics Health Record Based on Archetype
  • Data Locality Based on Load Feedback Based Dynamic Migration and Resource Scheduling in Open-stack Based Clouds for Virtual Hadoop Cluster
  • Big Data Application Using Clustering Based Collaborative Filtering Approach (ClubCF) in Hadoop
  • Enhance Resources Utilization Using an Innovative Techniques in Heterogeneous Paradigm for Hadoop MapReduce
  • App Usage and User Rating with Linked Data for Build Mobile Movie Recommendation Service on Hadoop
  • Data Distribution and Anonymization Using Utility and Privacy Preserving Data Clustering on Hadoop
  • Investigate Data representation to Optimize Search Performance and Data Storage in Hadoop for ATLAS Event-Index
  • Hybrid Product Recommendation Approach for Amazon Dataset Using Hadoop Server
  • Tessera Paradigm for Social Media Data Analysis in Hadoop Cluster Platform
  • Image Processing Source Code Based on UML Model Automatic Generation in Hadoop Environment
  • Collaborative Sensing Ecosystem Based Strom Hadoop and Multi-Agent for Multiple Intelligent Manufacturing Agent
  • Big Data Warehouse System Using Space Efficient and Effectual File Formats for Relational Query Optimization Technique
  • Faculty Retrial System Using hybrid Model Based on Hadoop
  • Model and Design Hadoop Framework for Internet of Things Logistics Big Data Processing