Sample Hadoop Projects

Sample Hadoop Projects

    Sample Hadoop Projects give royal opening to make your big dreamy and move towards achiever’s destination spot. We found our research centre for research and students community to gain their dream of career. Our experts are walking with you right from the topic selection to projects implementation period. We provide our grand help and support for students and research colleagues to complete and defend their academic curriculum victoriously. Our Sample Hadoop Projects offer more and more benefits for worldwide students and research fellows to enlighten them by our virtuoso and inspired research notions. Ambitious Goals Make for Outstanding Achievements. Students you can approach us today for future information.         

Sample Hadoop Projects

   Sample Hadoop Projects is the amazing passageway to congest your gentle destination. We offer wide collection of uptrend and sophisticated projects for scholars with the scope of serve students and research community in low cost. We nearly prepared thousands of Projects on Hadoop in various research areas including Software Defined Networks, Internet of Things Network, Cloud Computing Paradigm, Mobile Network, Hybrid Cloud Virtual Network, Heterogeneous Data Streams, Medical Image Processing, Social Network etc.

Hadoop Ecosystems Components and its Usage:

  • Distributed File Systems: Amazon-S3, HDFS, FTP file system, and windows azure storage blobs
  • NoSQL database: HBase database [Big table with column oriented]
  • Distributed Resource Management: YARN framework
  • Data Flow Processing: [framework that expresses data flows]
  • Data Streaming: Flume [Service based framework that transfer’s streaming data into HDFS]
  • Stream Processing: Storm [Real-time computational engine]
  • SQL Query: Hive [Data Warehouse Component]
  • Graph Processing: Giraph [Large scale graph processing framework]
  • Machine Learning: Mahout [Machine Learning Component]
  • Management Interface: Zookeeper [A management tool for Hadoop Cluster]
  • Pluggable to RMDB: SQOOP [Tool to transfer data between Hadoop and RDBMS]

Techniques in Hadoop:

Anonymization Techniques in MapReduce:

  • Bucketization
  • Generalization
  • Multi-set based Generalization
  • One Attribute per Column Slicing
  • Slicing with suppression

Scheduling Techniques in Hadoop MapReduce:

  • Data Locality Aware Task Scheduling
  • Task Aware Scheduling
  • Fairness Aware Scheduling
  • Deadline Aware Scheduling
  • Distributed Scheduling
  • Job Scheduling Based On Shared Input Policy
  • Rule Based Scheduling
  • Size Based Scheduling
  • Budget Driven Scheduling
  • Profile Based Scheduling
  • Dynamic Scheduling

Data Skew Mitigation Techniques:

  • SkewTune Technique
  • SkewReduce Technique
  • LIBRA Technique
  • LEEN Technique

MapReduce Algorithms:

  • Data Redistribution Algorithm
  • Parallel Genetic Algorithm
  • HIPI [Hadoop Image Processing Interface]

Other Techniques we cover:

  • Data Partitioning
  • Data Sampling
  • Summarization of the data
  • Massive Parallelism/Brute Force

Future Directions in Hadoop:

  • Identity Management in the Hadoop deployed Cloud
  • Integration of Secure Storage Algorithms into Hadoop
  • Secure VNM and VMM
  • Secure cloud based social networking or Big Data Management

Here we have listed Sample Hadoop Projects Titles for your better knowing,

  • Survey Large Scale Graph Processing Using Parallel Programming Approaches Based on Big Data
  • Cloud Computing Using Machine Learning Scheme for Cognitive and Machine Learning Applications
  • Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Memcached for Data Management Based on Distributed and Scalable Key Value Store
  • Big Data Analytics Framework Based Simulated Performance and Operational Efficiencies Through Billons of Patient Records in Hospital System
  • Check-pointing for Real Time Applications in Distributed Streaming Framework
  • Relieving Memory Pressure Using Novel Abstraction in Cluster Data Processing Frameworks
  • Instances Dynamic Partitioning for Real Time Applications in Distributed Streaming Environment
  • Big Data Schemes Based Educational System Operation Management Synchronization by Conceptual Framework
  • Cloud Based Scalable Object Classification and Detection in Video Streams
  • Multilevel Data Processing for Analyze Big Data Using Algorithms in High Performance Computing
  • Software Apps Trust and Evidence Based Recommendation and Selection from Online Market Places Using Parallel Approach
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Discovering Hidden knowledge in Big Data
  • Predict Child Tumors Over Parallel Gene Classification and Selection from Microarray Gene Expression Data on Spark
  • Optimized Task Recovery in Check-pointing Intermediate Data Based MapReduce
  • Genomic variant Information Storing by Benchmarking Distributed Data Warehouse Solutions