Big Data Projects for Final Year

Big Data Projects for Final Year

      Big Data Projects for Final Year offer surpassing briny groundwork for you to begin your Nobel and outstanding achievements by small opportunities. Our organization found for train undergraduate students, post graduate students and research academicians on big data projects development in such way of endorsed students with the knowledge of to develop their big data projects by own. We give best support and coaching to ensure their learning quality with the help of our experts, who are university & college rank holders, gold medalist, and class topper in their intellectual graduations. Our 100+ professionals are successfully crossed our four levels of interview. In this academic year, we cater our services to 10000+ of students and researchers. Scholars you can approach us for any kind of support and guidance. We are always nearby to support you.

Big Data Projects for Final Year

   Big Data Projects for Final Year is the opening point of all your desired attainment. Our foremost scope is to provide high standard and quality of final year projects for students and research colleagues in low cost. We afford miraculous training about the field of big data research such as big data mining, big data standard, big data analytics, big data MapReduce, big data infrastructure, big data novel theory, big data applications, large incremental datasets, legal issues in big data, big data, big data large scale deployment etc.

Huge Volume and Variety of Big Data:

Data from various data sources

  • Social media (Twitter, FaceBook)
  • Mobile data (Texting and Location)
  • Database Systems
  • Machine to Machine Systems (RFID, Logs, GPS…)

Different types of Data Handling

  • Structured (records in databases (stock exchange data, machine logs, billing, customers, etc.)
  • Unstructured (video, sounds and free text, etc.)


  1. Twitter posts searching
  2. Sound analysis (speech recognition)
  3. Video streams analysis in fast (YouTube)
  4. Image Recognition (Real-time augmented reality, online face recognition)
  5. Text analysis (Internet Search)

Big Data Technology Today:

  • Complex Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Machine Learning enabled Analytics
  • Multi-scale, Temporal, and Statistical Models
  • Heterogeneous Data Integration
  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy
  • Data Scrubbing, Provenance Tracking and Wrangling

Interesting Frameworks to Evaluate Technology:

  • Apache Arrow
  • Alluxio
  • Concord
  • Spark Succinct
  • Druid
  • TensorFlow
  • Geode
  • Ignite
  • HBase /Phoenix ORM
  • Snappy Data

Top 15 Best Value of Big Data Projects for Final Year Students:

  • Students Feedback Opinion Mining Using Supervised Learning Algorithms
  • Automatic Three Dimensional House Models Generation for Smart Cities with Solar Photovoltaic Generation
  • GPS/ GSM Technologies for Smart Real Time healthcare Tracking and Monitoring System
  • Interconnection Networks Based on Modeling InfiniBand Using Integration of OpenFabrics Simulation and Software
  • Data Acquisition Architecture in Mobile Sensor Networks for Health Care Services
  • Hierarchical Models for Real Time Anatomical Semantics Based Massive Reaction Visualization
  • Technology Trnd Tracking and Hot Topic Detection Using Proportional Semantic Information and Document Frequency
  • Sentence Clustering Paradigm Using Modified genetic Algorithm for Opinion Summarization
  • Live Migration Destination Selecting Method on E-Learning Paradigm for Discover Disaster
  • Initial Knowledge Based Construction Using Induct RDR for Medical Domain Expert Framework
  • Weighted Multi-Label Classification for Online News Sentiment Analysis
  • Crawling Method Base on XPath for Targeted Online Market Places with Crowdsourcing
  • Power Consumption Prediction Method in Cloud Computing Paradigm by Using Utilization Rate of Resources
  • Bilingual Pivoting Method Based on Affix Modeification in Agglutinative Languages for Paraphrase Extraction
  • Hierarchical RAID Parity Generation in Multi Virtual Machine Paradigm Using Pass Over GPU