Big Data Open Source Projects

Big Data Open Source Projects

      Big Data Open Source Projects give Nobel research ecosystem for you to obtain most brilliant achievements. Our team of experts are planned to establish our world taking Big Data Open Source Projects services for predominance of students and research academicians with the immense of hope of serve scholars in all over the world. We are recently provided our training and guidance for millions and billons of students and research colleagues to make them us world celebrated experts in big data. Today, our trained scholars are standing in top position in universal top companies and research centers. Students who are aspired to become experts in your dream of career? You can come closer swiftly. We are always ready to make you as a record-breaking expert.

Big Data Open Source Projects

   Big Data Open Source Projects offer energetic paradigm for students and research community with the huge vision of guide scholars to successfully accomplish their dream of intellectual projects. Nowadays wide security threats are occurred in the computer technologies. By this reason, we are accomplished 5000+ big data security based projects for students. We give awareness about today’s and tomorrow’s security threads including web security, usable security, resource usage control, socio-technical security, security models, software security, trust management, secure protocols and more to create secure computer world.

Let us see the list of Open Source Tools available for Big Data Projects,

Big Data Development Platforms

  • Apache Storm (Join with any database or querying systems)
  • REEF (Hadoop Development Platform)
  • OpenStack (Opensource software used in cloud computing)
  • Red Hat (Hadoop Servers standard Linux distro)
  • Apache Solr and Lucene (Search server that search from ElasticSearch and LucidWorks)
  • Apache Hadoop (Lingual (ANSI SQL), Impala (Massively Parallel Processing query engine), Cascading (Java Application Framework), Pattern (Analytics), etc.)

Big Data Stores Systems

  • SQL Databases (TokuDB, MariaDB, MySQL (Oracle), PostgresSQL, etc.)
  • Apache Hadoop (Cloud Foundry, Hadapt, Hortonworks, etc.)
  • NoSQL Databases (Cassandra, Hbase, MongoDB, etc)
  • TITAN (Distributed Graph Database)

Big Data Development Tools

  • Apache Spark (R and Python-Predictive Analytics)
  • Apache Mahout (Machine Learning)

Other Big Data Tools

  • Splunk (IT analytics platform)
  • Japersoft (Analytics and reporting server)
  • Talend (Integration and management platform)
  • Pentaho (Business analytics and Data integration)
  • Kylin (Distributed analytics OLAP engine)
  • TensorFlow (Numerical computation)
  • Apache Beam (Unfied programming model)
  • Apache Zepplin (Multi-purpose web based notebook)

     When you develop Big Data Open Source Projects, consider the abovementioned tools since it’s good to produce better system results. However, it is not an exhaustive list. You can visit our articles at any time since us continuously updating, whenever the new technology is discovering. As we can develop your projects with integrated tools so commit with us today. Now, you have an opportunity to visit our ongoing Big Data Open Source Projects that are listed below,

  • Autonomous Interaction Control Scheme Based on Convex Optimization in Vehicular Cyber Physical Frameworks
  • Distributed Ego Network Correction in Friend2 to Friend Online Social Networks
  • Novel Pavement Performance Prediction Paradigm Tensor Decomposition Based Smart City
  • Effective Algorithm for Analyze Tensor Principal Components Through Proximal Linearized Alternating Direction Based Multipliers
  • A Novel Node Selection Method in Cloud for Real Time Collaborative Computation
  • Smart Mobile Access Points Placement Using Fog Computing in Cyber Physical Systems and Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Employing Private Data Using Differentially Private Aggregated Data for Short Term Load Forecasting in AMI Applications
  • Monitor and Control Paradigm in Ubiquitous Environments for Business Processes
  • Dynamic Domain Approach for Applications Micro Context Aware Adaptive
  • Index Fast Construction Using Multi-Way Top-Down MapReduce and Split for Large Non-Ordered Discrete Datasets
  • Slides of Hybrid Audience Gaze and Constitutive Features Analysis for Defective Portion Extraction from Presentation Slides
  • A Novel Mechanism in Genetic Optimization Based Internet of Things (IoT) Networks to Security Events Aggregation
  • Continuous Human Activity Prediction for Enriching Recommendation Accuracy
  • Quality of Service (QoS) Trust Rate Prediction Using PSO Based Neural Network for Web Services
  • Access Control and Effective Revocation Based on Cipher-Text Policy Attribute for Cloud Data Sharing Paradigm