Hadoop Related Projects

Hadoop Related Projects

    Hadoop Related Projects is the scientific world of achievements to execute many of the great achievements for scientific progress. Ur well experienced top experts give continuous assistance and support for students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech, MCA, MPhil) and research scholars (MS/PhD) in thesis/project report writing based on uptrend technological advancement in this respective field. Our “Global Number One” Institution offer wide range of services with the great vision of gives our excellence for students and research society including research paper publication, journal paper preparation, paper presentation support etc. To obtain our future guidance, you can move towards to join with us immediately.

Hadoop Related Projects

     Hadoop Related Projects provide excellent service for you to get highly standardized and uptrend project topics with the help of our world cleared Hadoop experts. By our knowledge and experience, we can give the best guidance for you to learn about Hadoop. Our major aim is provide highly standardized projects for students and research society in optimum price. To implement your Projects in Hadoop as the best, we using recently implemented algorithms, strong techniques, efficient tools and software etc.

Top Hadoop Related Projects:

  • Apache Spark (High speed data processing engine for large datasets processing)
  • Apache Flink (Parallel Data Processing)
  • Apache Tez (Application framework for complex tasks processing)
  • Apache Bigtop (supports wide collection of elements on Hadoop)
  • Apache REEF (It supports big data systems)
  • Apache Storm (Real-time processing on Hadoop)
  • Apache Knox Gateway (Authorization and authentication through secure REST API gateway)
  • Apache Ranger (Meta data and hadoop data authorization)
  • Apache Sentry (Similar to Apache Ranger)
  • Apache Accumulo (Cell level authorization with NoSQL key value store)
  • Project Rhino (It improve the security in Hadoop by inserting code to the stack)

 Other Hadoop Related Projects/Tools:

  • Hive
  • Jaql
  • HBase
  • AVRO
  • ZooKeeper
  • Pig
  • UIMA
  • Sahara
  • Cloudera Hadoop

Challenges Faced in Hadoop Related Projects:

  • Storing of data
  • Searching of data
  • Capturing of data
  • Sharing of data
  • Transfer of data
  • Data analysis
  • Presentation of data
  • Privacy of original data
  • Integration of several components
  • Data correctness and consistency

    Hadoop is used in various Big Data applications like distributed processing, real time processing and parallel processing but we left with top 15 Hadoop topics for students who have chosen Hadoop Related Projects for their academic career.

  • Big Data Applications for DICOM Objects Efficient Retrieval and Storage
  • Analyze Big Data with Thermostatically Controlled Loads Using Schedulable Capacity Forecast
  • High Performance In-Memory Computing Using intelligent RDD Management in Spark
  • Design Reliable Instance Huge Information Reasoned for Plan Slash Pattern Based Big Extent Conception
  • Improve human Life Quality Using Big Data Analytics for Wearable Technology Orientation
  • An Innovative Big Data Paradigm for Cloud City Traffic Sate Assessment Framework Implementation
  • Back Propagation neural Network Parallelization on Spark and MapReduce
  • Structured Parallel Efficient Execution DBMS (Database Management System) using Matlab Through MapReduce Enormous Dataset
  • Manage Resources on User Estimated Execution Times Using Novel techniques for handling Error on Systems Processing MapReduce Jobs
  • Evaluate Clustering and Collaborative Filtering Algorithms Performance in Public Cloud Framework for Resource Scheduling
  • Efficient feature Selection and Application Using Enhanced Firefly Heuristics in Big Data
  • Data Reduction Principles Exploitation for Cryo-Image Data in Data Management Based on Cloud
  • Distributed Intelligence Based FP-Growth Algorithm Applications in Wisdom Medial Treatment
  • Efficient Network Interconnects on Parallelized Bioinformatics Application in Parallel Computing
  • Real Time resource Awareness Based Adaptive Speculative Execution Scheme in Heterogeneous Paradigm

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