Big Data Project Ideas for Students

Big Data Project Ideas for Students

     Big Data Project Ideas for Students give amaze-ball environment to touch the great Everest pass through many hills, rivers and oceans. We offer learning curve for plenty of research philosophers and students to give intellectual Big Data projects throughout our praiseworthy service. By our experience and expertise, we give step by step guidance in each and every stage of your projects with our knowledge materials. Our team of Hadoop brilliants is always with you to grant comprehensive solution for your doubt. Through our Big Data Project Ideas for Students service, mass of students and research scholars have more and more benefit every day from world’s popular countries. Would you like to discuss about your idea of project? You can move toward to get in touch with us.

Big Data Project Ideas for Students

   Big Data Project Ideas for Students began for national and international level students and research Profs with the objective of give ground-breaking research stadium to learn more and more about Hadoop. We give complete independent for scholars to our students to chosen the highly advanced Hadoop projects by our genius ideas. Generally, Apache Hadoop is mainly used for distributed storage and Big Data dataset processing using the MapReduce Programming model.

Big Data Tools used in Application Scenarios:

  • NoSQL Database: HBase, Redis, Cassandra, CouchDB, MongoDB, ZooKeeper
  • Storage: HDFS and S3
  • Processing: Datameer, BigSheets, Mechanical Turk, R and Yahoo Pipes
  • MapReduce: Hive, Hadoop, Pig, Kafka, MapR, Oozie, S4, Flume, Cascading
  • Servers: Heroku, Google App Engine, Elastic MapReduce, EC2

Some of the Application Scenarios:

  • Ecosystem conservation
  • Social Media
  • Airlines Big Data
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Tourism Big Data
  • Healthcare Big Data
  • Finance Sector Data
  • Global Telecom Sector
  • Retail applications
  • Human Resources Analysis
  • Banking Sector
  • Big Data based on Store Operations
  • Big Data Procurement
  • Product Development in Big Data
  • Manufacturing Sector Big Data
  • Behavioural Insights
  • CyberSecurity Big Data Traces

Performance Testing for Big Data Applications:

 Challenges in Big Data Testing:

  • Limited diagnostic solutions and monitoring
  • Diverse Technologies
  • Test Environment/ Scripting
  • Test Tools unavailability

 Solutions/Tools for Performance Testing:

Monitoring Tools

  • Nagios, Ganglia, Zabbix, JMX utilities

Diagnostic Tools

  • AppDynamics, Compuware, VisualVM

Performance Test Tools

  • SandStorm, JMeter, YCSB (Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark)

Parameters Considered for Testing System Performance:

  • Caching [Expand the cache setting to row cache and key cache]
  • Concurrency [Number of threads that are perform read and write operation]
  • Commit Logs [How to tune the commit logs allowed to explore]
  • Data Storage [How data is imports/stores in Namenode and Datanodes]
  • JVM Parameters: GC collection algorithms, Heap Size, etc.
  • Timeouts: Timing rate analysis when query and connection timeout etc.
  • Message Queue: Message Size and Rate etc.
  • MapReduce Performance: Merge and Sorts etc.

Fabulous Research Topics in Big Data Project Ideas for Students:

  • Emergency Detection using Discriminative Restricted Boltzmann Mechanism in Healthcare Robot
  • Multi Label Speech Act Classification Using Threshold Predictor in Conventional Neural Network
  • Cell Cycle Pathway Activation Status Flow Maximization Analysis in Brest Cancer Subtypes
  • In-memory Databases Using Hybrid Approaches to Accelerate Item Scanning
  • Bitmap Based Encrypted Query Processing and Distributed Index Structure for Outsourcing Mobile Sensitive Data
  • Survey Large Scale Data Analytics Performance Using Disk Based and In-Memory Database Systems
  • RNA-Seq Feature Selection Approach for Differentially Expressed Genes Detection
  • Multi Bitrate VOD Services Using Storage and Power Efficient HLS Media Server
  • Deep Learning Approach for Enriched Precursor Micro RNA Prediction
  • Sense Based RNN Encoding and Morpheme Embedding for Korean Sentence Similarity Measurement Model
  • Maximum Entropy and Naïve Bayes Mechanism in Weino for Capturing Domain Specific Data to Sentiment Analysis
  • Efficient Cache Management Approach in Distributed File Systems for Accessing Small Files
  • Noise Elimination and Detection in ECG Signal Using Smart Computing Approaches
  • Noise Parameter Configuration Approach on Differential Privacy to Mitigate Detour Inference Attack
  • Four Frames Differencing Mechanism in Wide Area Surveillance for Moving Objects Detection