Big Data Master Thesis Topics

Big Data Master Thesis Topics

    Big Data Master Thesis Topics grant bright opening for you to find your goals and dreams to do something advanced in this world. In research project, topic selection is a most important and beginning point of your project accomplishment. We provide domain wise assistance by our dedicative domain wise experts for you to select your project topics without any confusion. If you have any thought about your projects, you can come and share the details about your interesting areas and dream of projects. We are ready to help you to develop your interest and dream of projects with our best guidance and comprehensive support. Students who are interested to use our Big Data Master Thesis Topics service? You can approach our professionals via our 24 hours online and offline services.

Big Data Master Thesis Topics

   Big Data Master Thesis Topics is our most excellent service for provide highly sophisticated and trendy of big data project topics for master students and research colleagues. Today, fast fully managed and economic data warehouse for large scale data analytics including global availability, flexible data ingestion, high available, security, transparent data duplication, BigQuery (Spark, Cloud Dataflow and Hadoop), automatic data transfer service (Google BigQuery on managed and scheduled basis.

The following research efforts are undertaken by us:

  • Choice of Thesis Topics
  • Data Collection
  • Research Methodology
  • Thesis Writing Help
  • Research papers Writing
  • Data Analysis via Statistical models
  • Assignment Writing
  • Thesis Presentations [PPT with 50 slides]
  • Journal articles writing
  • Thesis Report Writing Help

Big Data Master Thesis Ideas:

Big Data based Data Mining

  • Disease Diagnosis using Machine Learning
  • Social Emotions Prediction
  • Online Social Voting
  • Extract Action Descriptions

Big Data based Web Mining

  • Sentiment Analysis on Twitter
  • Twitter Spam Drifted Detection in Real-time
  • Adaptive Task Tuning with Heterogeneous Map Reduce
  • Cloud Data Encryption through Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • Data access using Distributed Fuzzy Decision Trees

Big Data based Cloud Computing

  • Protection of Virtualized Infrastructures
  • Information Service Quality Evaluation
  • Resource management of BaaS services
  • Data Traffic Processing on Cloud
  • Reliability assessment using Hazard rate
  • Create Digital Entrepreneurship in Cloud

Big Data based Internet of Things

  • Smart Grid Information Management
  • Business Process Management
  • Big Helathcare Application System
  • Smart Manufacturing System using Cloud with IoT
  • Virtual Reality Smart City

Now, you can see the full title of our current interest on Big Data Analytics:  

  • Java Process and Thread Performance on Multicore HPC Clusters for Parallel Machine Learning
  • Improving Clustering Efficiency for Big Data Analytics by SimHash Based K-Means Algorithm
  • Job Opportunity Data Collected Based Industrial Clusters Values and Activities Measurement from Internet Job Matching Site
  • Public Transportation Insights by Analyzing and Crowd Sensing Micro Event Tweets
  • Big Data Based Better Energy Control and Management Decision in Smart Grid for Distribution Paradigm
  • Dynamic Feedback and Correlation Mining Based Application Driven Sensing Data Selection and Reconstruction
  • Large Scale Big Data Analytics Using Indexed Distributed Parallel In-Memory Computation Framework
  • Non-Technical Energy Losses Detection in Ami Data Over Structural Periodic Patterns
  • Paradigm for Cancer Patients Using Nursing EHR Data to Predict Outcome
  • Current Data and High Frequency Voltage Lossless Compression in Smart Grid
  • Computational Metadata Investigation for Facilitating Reproducible Research
  • Science Graph Network in Extreme Scale Scientific Collaborations for Scalable Data and Knowledge Discovery
  • Online Advertising Traffic Prediction in Demand Side Platforms Perspective Real Time Bidding Frameworks
  • Shared Wireless Sensor Networks Leveraging Caching Mechanism Using Multi-Application Query Optimization
  • Hyper Spectral Classification Using Multiple Kernel Learning Paradigm