Project Topics on Big Data

Project Topics on Big Data

     Project Topics on Big Data give splendid scientific environment for you to fly above the cloud for reaching the Everest of achievements. We are found our “Universal No 1 Graded Institution” with the Nobel mind of support and help students and research professoriates. We give wide range of opportunities for students and research academicians to develop their skills in this respective field. On account of this purpose, our team of experts is planned to conducting seminars and workshops in vast array of universities and colleges. By our excellence of seminars and workshop, bulk of scholars are had much benefits. Our experts are also offering meritorious development training for students and research academicians to get more profit in their career. Who are desirous to avail our erudite guidance? You can take one steps to move closers with us today.

Project Topics on Big Data

     Project Topics on Big Data is our unique service which is establish with the only scope of serving worldwide students and researchers. Our mind-blowing knowledgeable experts are expert in data research. At this time, we are developed immense of advanced big data projects on vast range of big data processing areas and concepts such as artificial intelligence, business intelligence, cloud computing, in-memory database systems, hybrid data processing system, data mining, hybrid data storage systems, natural language processing, machine learning etc.

Big Data Analytics in the World

  A few basic characteristics

  • Process large datasets
  • Find frequent patterns
  • Process data in pipelines (batch, analysis and stream)
  • Collect and compress data in lake
  • Process and stream will all data (Structured/unstructured/semi-structured)
  • Powerful and easy data preparation

Efficient Steps to Make Big Data Analytics:

  • Integrated Big Data Tools for large datasets organization
  • Only use specific tasks: Finance, Marketing, Sales, Strategy or planning
  • Use the Different Big Data Tools: Spreadsheets, Queries, Models, Web analytics, Text mining, Data Visualization, Simulation models, General Stats, Dash boards, etc.
  • Deploy specific technology: cloud, hadoop, or other big data frameworks
  • Develop formal data management processes
  • Develop Big Data apps in Visual Studio, Hive, Pig, U-SQL, and .NET

Top Trends in Big Data Analytics:

  • Business users uses Mobile Analytics
  • Analytics imports into Cloud (Descriptive Analytics)
  • Predictive analytics moves to Apache Spark
  • Hadoop based Data warehouses with Data Reservoirs
  • Enhance human intuition using Decision Optimization Technologies
  • Packaged Analytics for Business processing
  • Cloud based analytics for efficient storing
  • Cars driving and managing in Big Data Analytics
  • On board Analytics over Hadoop framework

Globally Accepted Project Topics on Big Data:

  • Accessing Vulnerabilities in Internet of Things System Based on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Wireless Network
  • Mitigation of Energy Efficient Traffic Aware Virtual Machine in Green Cloud Data Centers
  • Cooperative Monitoring Mechanism for Message Routing Queue Based Cluster
  • Efficient Public Data Integrity and Verifiability in Cloud Data Storage Using Multiple TPAs
  • Security Aware Efficient Mas Distributed Storage Approach in Big Data for Cloud Paradigm
  • Security Aware Information Classifications for Cloud Based Cyber Risk Management Using Supervised Learning in Financial Big Data
  • Ultra Lightweight Encryption Design in Pervasive Computing for Security
  • Exploiting Redundant Computation for Algorithm Based Fault Tolerance in Communication Avoiding Algorithms
  • Partitioned Homogeneous Multiprocessor Real Time Scheduling Algorithms Performance in Heterogeneous Paradigm
  • Pattern Classification Scheme for Large Amount of NetFlow Data Compression
  • Big Data Cloud Storage Frameworks Using Security Aware Data Placement Mechanism
  • Spread Spectrum Audio Watermarking for Secure Biometric Identification Approach
  • Programming Paradigm on Unstructured Mesh for Large Scale Numerical Simulations
  • Secure Paradigm Using CP-ABE and Fine-Grained Auditing for Ensuring EHR’s (Electronic Health Record) Integrity
  • Mobile Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks Using Adaptive Combinatorial Key Scheme