Big Data Analytics Thesis

Big Data Analytics Thesis

     Big Data Analytics Thesis is the ultimate scientific laboratory to mix your daydream with the grand motivation to do something great thing in your intellectual journey. We our students in big data analytics research across our wide range of our research disciplines. It would establish all capability learning outcomes of research topics, critical analysis, showcase intellectual ideas, new design generation and original concept evidence. To give the best thesis preparation guidance, we renovate our knowledge from hundreds of journals and research papers. Are you having any confusion to incorporate big data analytics, conventional research methodology or more? You can send your queries or doubts via mail.

Big Data Analytics Thesis

  Big Data Analytics Thesis offer highly excellence and standardized of thesis for master students and research professoriates. Big Data Analytics is more useful to mine meaningful intuition which is help to organize for enhance decision making power, analyze current situation and competitive advantage by empowering data including storage exchange data, social media data, semi structured data, search engine data, structured and unstructured data. Other than Thesis, we ready to publish your research work i.e. manuscripts on top-indexed journals including, national journals, international journals, national and international proceedings, international conference and book chapters.

We offer a set of solutions for the following Big Data Analytics Problems,

  • Analyzing Raw Data
  • Analyze Streaming Data
  • Unblock Big Data
  • Simplify Warehouse
  • Insufficient Infrastructure
  • Difficult in Data Interpretation
  • Data Quality Issues
  • Noisy Data
  • Sparse Data
  • Inadequate Data
  • Dirty Data

Key Technologies in Big Data Analytics:

  • Data Management
  • Data Mining
  • Hadoop
  • In-Memory Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Machine Learning

Typical Big Data Analytics Thesis Structure in a Mind map:

  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Background
  • Related work
  • Methodology
  • Implementation
  • Results
  • Interpretation
  • Further Work
  • Summary
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

A list of Big Data Analytics Thesis:

  • Enhanced Incremental Training Mechanism for Support Vector Machine Based Large Scaled Dataset
  • Node Architecture Implications on Scale in Clusters for In-Memory Data Analytics
  • Big High Dimensional Data Visualization in a Thress Dimensional Space
  • Allocation Strategy Based on Penalized Graph Partitioning for Database as a Service Paradigm
  • Video Streaming Analysis Based on Spatial Frequency in Clouds for Object Recognition and Classification
  • Characterization of Hadoop Workloads Performance on SR-IOV Enabled Virtualized Infini-Band Clusters
  • On Exploiting Data Locality in Hybrid Cloud for Iterative MapReduce Applications
  • Spatial Data Clustering by the Density Difference and Neighbors Intersection
  • Big Sensor Generated Data Streaming for Data Storage Using Impala and Kafka in WSN (Wireless Sensor Network) for Monitoring CO2
  • Spark Based Intelligent K-Means Design for Big Data Clustering
  • Library Information System Query Performance enhancement Using NoSQL Data Based Management System (DBMS)
  • Ordinary Point Kringing for Unobserved Zinc Pollutant Prediction in Spatial Data Mining
  • Fog Computing for Internet of Things Based Medical Warning Systems
  • Implementation of GLVQ (Generalized Learning Vector Quantization) Particle Swarm Optimization FPGA for Real Time Electrocardiogram
  • Improved Tele ECG System to Deal with Big Data Processing Using Hadoop Paradigm