Thesis on Big Data Analytics

Thesis on Big Data Analytics

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Thesis on Big Data Analytics

    Thesis on Big Data Analytics offer dynamic knowledgeable environment for scholars with the aim of develops their profile strongly. Our miraculous professionals are experts in this respective field for guide students in the important aspects of big data analytics, data warehouse consulting services and business intelligent. We are training our students and researchers in big data with the combination of research areas and concepts such as data science, data integration, computational intelligence, predictive analytics, cloud analytics, data governance etc.    

Big Data Application Fields with Different Examples:

Engineering Collaboration

  • Process flow
  • Fluid Dynamics design
  • 3D modeling design
  • Design Optimization


  • Customer Churn Prevention
  • Call detail record analysis
  • Price optimization and Revenue Assurance
  • Network performance optimization
  • Mobile user location analysis
  • Customer loyalty and Campaign management

Digital and web media

  • Click and Abuse fraud prevention
  • Profile segmentation and social graph analysis
  • Large scale clickstream analysis
  • Campaign management and loyalty programs
  • Forecasting, analysis, ad targeting and optimization

Frauds and finances services

  • Regulatory and compliance reporting
  • Credit scoring, risk and management
  • High speed arbitrage trading
  • Risk management and analysis
  • Trade surveillance
  • Abnormal trading pattern analysis

Life and health sciences

  • Disease pattern analysis
  • Patient care quality and program analysis
  • Clinical trials data analysis
  • Pharmacy supply chain management
  • Drug development and discovery analysis
  • Medical device and pharmacy supply

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Top Topics about Thesis on Big Data Analytics:

  • Fog Computing for Dynamic Urban Surveillance Video Stream Processing
  • Rich Sentimental Travel Scheduling Through Sentimental POI Recommendation and Mining
  • A Novel Method for Predict Dynamic Bayesian Game Based APT Attack Behavior
  • SSD Aware Heterogeneous Cache Algorithm Design and Implementation for RAID Storage Framework Using Two Level Caching Algorithm
  • Big Data Based Smart Tourism Linked Data Link Construction and Semantic Description
  • Feature Development in Pavement Maintenance Framework for Risk Management
  • Improving Parallel K-Means for Discovering Big Data Knowledge Using MapReduce
  • Transaction Data Clustering and Demographic Transformation for Convenience Stores Sales Prediction
  • Dynamic Network Visualization and Analysis Over Spatiotemporal Link Segmentation
  • Pre-allocation Strategy Based Task Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing
  • Technology Road Map Drawing of Biometric Approach Based Cloud Payment from Mining Literature and Patent
  • Analyze Online Counter Measure in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises to Adopted Offline Model
  • Detect Four Chamber Plane in Enhanced Imbalanced AdaBoost Algorithm Based Ultra Images
  • Improved PSO Algorithm in Cloud Platform Double Layer Management for Energy Saving Research
  • Active Learning Using Logistic Regression Model for Cost Sensitive Classification