Hadoop Project Ideas

Hadoop Project Ideas

     Hadoop Project Ideas give momentous playground to fix your dream of big dreams to get more goals in scientific game. Our universal celebrated professionals are expert in the field of Hadoop. Nowadays, we are serving worldwide students and research academicians with the grand mission of give our immense of genius and pioneering research ideas. Our creative and ingenious notions create young generation of Hadoop experts in this competitive universe. Owing to our spectacular research services, we touch each and every nooks and corners of universe. Your Achievement is truly commendable when you commit with us. So, would you have interest to gain our support? You can call our spectacular knowledgeable experts today.

Hadoop Project Ideas

      Hadoop Project Ideas is the splendiferous theatre to obtain the miraculous achievements. Our artistic research world can be dependent on wide range of information, data and business to handle massive array of data using machine learning and data science. By virtue of our advanced knowledge, we are continuously implement highly strong and advanced Hadoop projects in our scientific professional journey. Let’s have a glance over top Hadoop and Big Data trends in 2017

List of Hadoop Project Ideas:

  • Location mining from online social networks
  • Interference prevention of Private Attributes
  • Access Control in Social Networks
  • Proliferation of data
  • Streaming analytics increasing through Apache Spark and Flink
  • Data Analytics Increasing and increasing Cloud based Data Analytics
  • Various Attacks exist to determine anonymized data
  • Privacy and security balancing on online social networks
  • Secure cloud, Internet of Things and Big Data Security and Privacy
  • Hadoop Log Analysis

             -Root cause analysis

             -Failure Prediction

  • Hadoop Data Rebalancing

             -Based on Load and Access Patterns

  • Prediction analytics on Cloud [Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence]


             -IBM Watson

             -Google Prediction API

             -Amazon Machine learning API

             -Microsoft Azure Machine Learning API

  • Deep Learning become Mainstream

             -Machine Translation

             -Language Processing

             -Automatic Image Caption Generation

             -Facial Recognition

             -Automatic Game Playing

             -Object Classification and Detection

Hadoop Hosting on Cloud:

-Microsoft Azure

  • Service developed by HDI with Hortonworks
  • It allows programming extensions with .NET
  • It supports Linux with Ubuntu for the creation of Hadoop Clusters

-Amazon EC2/S3 services

  • It is possible to run on Hadoop
  • Less amount of time taken to the number of entries and amount of data processing

-Amazon Elastic MapReduce

  • It is used for Hadoop cluster provisioning
  • Handles data transfer between S3 and EC2
  • Apache Hive offers data warehouse services in Elastic MapReduce that built on top of Hadoop

-Centurylink Cloud

  • It offers both a managed and un-managed model through Hadoop
  • It also includes some solutions like MongoDB and Cassandra

-Google Cloud Platform

  • It ranging from self-managed to Google-managed
  • Google Cloud Dataproc– A managed Hadoop and spark service
  • Command Line Tools (Bdutil)– Shell scripts collection that manually creates and manages Hadoop and Spark clusters

Some of the Research based Hadoop Project Ideas Topics:

  • Apriori Hadoop BDSA Based Cloud System in Intelligent Big Data Analytics for Adaptive E-Commerce Website Ranking
  • Wide Area Motion Imagery Based Multiple Moving Target Tracking Using Architecture of Real Time High Performance Computation
  • Evaluate Mahout Clustering Algorithms Performance Using Streaming Dataset
  • High Performance Neural Network Based on MapReduce in Power Systems Enabling Fast Stability Assessment
  • Dynamic Load Balancing Based on Sliding Window for Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters
  • Design and Implement HDFS Data Encryption Approach on Hadoop Using ARIA Algorithm
  • Hadoop Parallel Reading in Non-delimited Variable Length Record Collections Using Random Access
  • Implement Virtual Data Centers Prototype for Distributed and Parallel Big Data Processing in Hadoop Framework
  • Hadoop Space Efficient File Formats for Big Data Warehouse Framework Using Relational Query Optimization Technique
  • Frequently Accessed Data Files to Flexible Replication Management Using Hadoop in Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Identify Moving Object from Efficient Processing and Storage of Video Data Using Hadoop/MapReduce
  • Hadoop Server using Hybrid Product Recommendation Scheme for Amazon Dataset
  • Implementation of Predict Node Implementation in Hadoop Environment to network Analysis Using a Novel Technique
  • Enhance Performance Across Real Tome Decision Making and Data Processing Using Big Data Analytics in Embedded Smart City Infrastructure
  • Data Partitioning on Hadoop Clusters Paradigm in Frequent Item-set Mining