Simple Big Data Projects

Simple Big Data Projects

     Simple Big Data Projects is the massive product of steadily raising your level of expectation and aspiration to achieve great. Our extramundane knowledgeable brilliants are providing unique projects, guidance and services to delight students and research society future in this scientific world. We offer our best training by step by step assistance with tour unified technological knowledge and experience. On these days, mass of students and research colleagues are chosen the emerging technology of big data due to its needs and advancement. We provide high quality of big data projects for students and researchers to successfully finish their intellectual curriculum. You can contact us for our unique guidance. We are glad to help you.

Simple Big Data Projects

     Simple Big Data Projects give an amazing supernatural power for students and research academicians for enrich their density of goal. We have excellent knowledge in big data implementation. Our professionals grant the best coaching in project development and supported tools. We are implementing big data projects using effective big data tools including Oozie, Hadoop, storm, MapReduce, pig, tabula, Hive, Spark, Cloudera, MangoDB and so on. On these days, we heard Big Data in many times which makes excellent sound sense among researchers and emerged as more important research area. We would like to start from the simple Big Data ideas,

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning:

  • Log event analytics
  • Analysis, modeling and visualization
  • Anomaly prediction and prevention
  • Operational Intelligence and Analytics
  • Measurements and Monitoring Management
  • Harnessing social data management
  • Real time and predictive analytics
  • Statistical modeling, Data mining, Machine Learning

Application Management and Domain Specifications:

-Network and Cloud Analytics

-Data Centric Management

  • Virtualized cloud, infrastructure and data centers
  • Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things
  • Storage Resources and Software Defined Networks

-Big Data Analytics Applications

  • Traffic Classification
  • Service Quality Assurance
  • IT Service
  • Resource Management
  • Root Cause Analysis

-Machine Learning and Analytics applications

  • Intrusion detection
  • Threat analysis
  • Cyber security
  • Failure detection

Let’s see some non-exhaustive list of topics in Big Data,

  • Big Data analytics for networking
  • Research challenges on machine learning
  • Network measurements mining
  • Networking Data Monitoring
  • Distributed monitoring frameworks
  • Network anomaly diagnosis
  • Data integrity and privacy
  • Benchmarks in Networking Big Data
  • Learning algorithms and tools
  • Big Data analytics in Traffic analysis

You can also work with other topics, here provide some of them only:

  • Do research on large scale data analysis comparison
  • MAD Skills i.e. A New Big Data Analysis Practices
  • Dremel (Web-Scale Datasets Interactive Analysis)
  • MapReduce (Large clusters data processing simplification)

Simple Big Data Projects based on Recent Trends:

  • Ensemble Anomaly Detection Based on Fast Tree Isolation by Generic Framework
  • Binary Code Genetic Algorithm for Dipole Arrays low Side-lobe Synthesis by Element Orientation Selection
  • Pediatric Asthma Sensory Data Using Infrastructure of Scalable Data Analysis and Integration
  • Enhance Clustered MPSoC Interconnects Inter Domain Parallelism Using Deterministic Approach
  • Integrated Data Driven and Theory Feature Selection in Gene Expression Data Analysis
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Driven Automated Object Detection Algorithm in Smart Cities for Urban Surveillance Systems
  • Privacy Protective Data Encryption Scheme in Mobile Cloud Computing for Big Data
  • Navigation Based on Augmented Terrain for Underwater Vehicles to Enable Persistent Autonomy
  • High Performance Computing Using Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm for Cyber Physical Social Systems
  • In-Memory Processing Framework in STT MRAM for Bitwise Logic Operations
  • Spatial Traffic Information on Twitter in Big Data Self-Organizing Networks
  • Algorithmic Enrichment to Big data Computing Paradigms for Medical Image Processing
  • Efficient Intrusion Detection Mechanism for Traffic Pattern Learning Based Visual Sensor Networks
  • Systematic Strategy by Preserving Micro and Macro Infrastructure for Cross Source Point Cloud Registration
  • Clustered Infrastructure in Flat Address Space Multi Level Memories for Efficient and Scalable Migration