Big Data Analytics PhD Thesis

Big Data Analytics PhD Thesis

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Big Data Analytics PhD Thesis

   Big Data Analytics PhD Thesis grants the marvelous guidance for PhD scholars to prepare their thesis with the high quality. We are offering our brilliant skill to enrich PhD colleague’s knowledge in Big Data analytics. We train our scholars in multiple big data analytics tools including MapReduce, Hive, Hadoop, NOSQL Database, Apache Spark, Apache Pig, YARN (Yet Another Resource Negotiator) and more which is used to gathering, analyzing, sorting and mining mass set of data to discover useful insights.

Big Data Considerations [Old & New]:

  • Volume [Data at Rest]
  • Velocity [Data in Motion]
  • Variety [Data in Many Forms]
  • Veracity [Data in Doubt]
  • Value [Data in Many Values]
  • Visibility [Data in the Open]

New Specializations in Big Data Analytics:

  • Predictive Tools: R, Alteryx
  • Cloud Computing: AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
  • ETL Tools: Pentaho, SSIS, Google DataFlow, Talend
  • NoSQL Databases: Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, MongoDB
  • Google Cloud Platform: BigQuery, Bigtable, Compute Engine, Dataflow, Datastore, Storage, Cloud Dataproc, Storage, Pub/Sub, Datalabs
  • Hadoop Ecosystem: Flume, Hbase, MapR, Kafka, Azkaban, Hortonworks, Mohd, Pig, Sqoop, Spark, Zookeeper, YARN, Hive
  • Data Visualization/Insights: Qlik, Tableau, Alteryx, Wave Analytics, Google Cloud Datalabs
  • Salesforce Platform: IoT Cloud/Thunder, App Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Wave Analytics, App Cloud, Cloud/Pardot, Community Cloud/Chatter.

Let’s you look at our Big Data Analytics PhD Thesis Titles,

  • Determining Feature Extractors on Satellite Images for Unsupervised Learning
  • Customer Analytics and Profiling Using Massive Mobile Web Log URLs Classification
  • PMML Based GPR Scoring Engine for Smart Manufacturing on Microcomputer Board and Cloud Platform
  • Model Driven Workflows Deployment and Management on Analytics Frameworks
  • Detect Effective and Interpretable Opinion Spam Across Websites Over Temporal Patterns Mining
  • An Entropy Based Analytic Model in Open Data for Privacy Preserving
  • Leveraging Social Big Data for Evaluate Performance on E-Commerce Websites
  • Big Data I/O Acceleration Using Resilient and Hybrid Burst Buffer
  • Big Data Computational Intelligence and Processing Based Real Time Autonomous Highway Accident Detection
  • Density Based Clustering Mechanism for Vessel Movement Pattern Recovery and Analysis
  • Latency Hiding and I/O Chunking Using Flash NVM and GPU for Out of Core Sorting Acceleration
  • Automated Cytological Findings Based Melanoma Discrimination Using Effective and Simple Pre-Processing
  • Multi-Step Threshold Algorithm in Large Scale Multimedia Databases for Efficient Feature Query Processing
  • Block Estimation Techniques to Build Inter-industry Input and Output Table Using an Innovative Approach

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