Projects Based on Hadoop

Projects Based on Hadoop

     Projects Based on Hadoop gives the positive scientific zone to erase “IM” from “IM-POSSIBLE” to do “POSSIBLE” things. Our team of certified professionals has 10+ years of experience in this respective field. On grounds of our high experience and expertise, we bestow our splendid for students and research fellows to capture our knowledge mightily to do achieve great things to break ground. We are always help you in Hadoop implementation period to develop your projects by own without any complex. We are always with you to lead in your every part of academic journey successfully. Are you having much interest to know about our service? Click to send your queries.

Projects Based on Hadoop

    Projects Based on Hadoop offer high quality and uptrend ideas to upgrade your academic profile by our start-to-end guidance and support. Our Projects Based on Hadoop service mainly establish with the aim of offer best Hadoop projects in affordable price. Nowadays we are prepared thousands of advanced Hadoop projects for you with our genius and ingenious ideas. We are always helping plenty of students and research Profs by our conference paper preparation service, journal paper writing and publication service.   To do projects based on Hadoop, we first need to know the tools in big data,

Top 10 Essential Tools for Crunching Large Data:

  • Apache Hadoop: The latest version of Apache Hadoop is 2.8.0 which comprised of number of significant features and enhancements.
  • HDT (Hadoop Development Tools): It is a set of plugins implemented in Eclipse IDE for developing large data applications
  • Nbhadoop: Netbeans Hadoop Plugin that supports MapReduce jobs development in a visual environment simulated on large hadoop cluster on the desktop
  • RHadoop: R programming is a perfect match for big data that can be used on statistical data analysis and visualization. Nowadays R and Hadoop combined together used in the business applications.
  • Hadoopy: It is a python wrapper for Hadoop using Python, Cython and MapReduce library
  • Eclipse IDE: MapReduce software framework associated with the IDE for developing against Hadoop Platform
  • Visual Studio: It is a .NET SDK for Hadoop that used to run hive queries using HDInsight tools
  • Matlab: Programming paradigm for processing huge amount of data that scales from a single workstation to clusters. Apache Spark cans easily embedded Matlab language.
  • OCTAVE: It is similar to Matlab used in signal processing academic projects
  • GO: Upcoming tool developed Google that loosely derives from C programming language. It is used to building robust infrastructures

Major Programming Languages used on Hadoop:

  • R programming
  • Python
  • Java
  • Matlab
  • SAS
  • Ruby
  • Scala
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • Perl

You Can Choose Projects Based on Hadoop Using The Following Topics:

  • Algorithmic Improvement for Medical Image Processing to Big Data Computing Systems
  • Compare Post and Pre Resolution blocking Approaches in Distributed Computing Platform for Entity Resolution
  • Scalable Machine Learning Using Benchmarking Data Flow Frameworks
  • Measure High Speed Research Network Traffic Using Differentially Private big Data Analytics
  • Intermediate Data Skew Dealing with Smart Partitioning Mechanism on Cloud Computing in Reduce Task
  • Map Reduce Framework in Big Data Using Scalable Differential Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm
  • MapReduce Paradigm for minimizing Transferred Using Data Partitioning
  • MapReduce System for Enhance R-Tree Quality
  • Efficient Ultra Large Phylogenetic Tree Reconstruction and Multiple Sequence Alignment with Parallel and Distributed Computing
  • MapReduce for Predict Efficient Large Scale Protein-Protein interactions
  • Sentiment Analysis for Data Prioritization in Calamitous Situation
  • CloudSim for Simulate MapReduce Over Geographically Distributed Data Centers
  • MapReduce for Classify Hyper Spectral Imagery  on NVIDIA Graphics Processing Unit
  • Scalable and Modular Data Analytics Structure Based on Cloud Based Process and Plant Monitoring
  • Artificial Neural Network for Crop Suggestion and Predic Farmer Buddy Weather on MapReduce Paradigm