Big Data Analytics Project Ideas

Big Data Analytics Project Ideas

      Big Data Analytics Project Ideas give the fuel to effectively start journey toward your dream of achievements. We provide real time big data analytics projects training for final year students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech, BSC, BCA, MSC, MCA and MPhil) and research intellectuals (MS, PhD). Our marvelous guidance and training helps students and researchers in the part of project implementation and easily face complex problem and challenges in their future profession. Our wondrous knowledgeable experts are motivated students and researchers to upcoming with the advanced and exciting research ideas. Scholars who are required our guidance in big data analytics projects to solve confusion? Call or sent message via our 24 hours Facebook or Twitter

Big Data Analytics Project Ideas

    Big Data Analytics Project Ideas provide excellent path to complete your intellectual academia with an outstanding success. Our dedicative brilliants have 10+ years of experience in the big data research. Nowadays, we are implemented vast array of big data projects in various types of research concepts including risk analysis and management, mobile user location analysis, real time monitoring analysis, default and failure detection, social network based research, machine learning and so on.  Get Started Today……

What is the Best Big Data Analytics Practice Today?

  • Build a modern and best in class Big Data architecture
  • Deploy Big Data analytics framework in cloud computing paradigm
  • Process huge volume of data based on ELT process (Don’t use ETL)
  • Uses self-services for cost and time minimization
  • Save all raw data in Data Lake
  • Uses necessary preprocessing steps for Data Processing (i.e. Data Fusion, Data Cleaning)

Most Interesting Insights from Uncover Big Data:

  • Cloud enabled Big Data Analytics Platform for connected vehicle application
  • Internet of Things with Big Data Hadoop Framework over Smart city applications
  • Enhance Vehicle Diagnosis using Analytical Intelligence
  • Improved efficiency in Manufacturing by Predictive analytics, Anomaly Detection and Dimensionality Reduction
  • Smart Decision Making in Business over Visual Analytics
  • Future of IoT for a better prediction using Prediction Analytics
  • Location/Spatial analytics for GeoDashboards
  • Collect Real-time insights to predict future on Big Data Analytics

Our Professional Team of experts has the 10+ years of experience to:

  • Big Data Tools
  • Mechanisms and Big Data Strategy
  • System integration
  • Plug-in architectures design
  • Large scale data managed in real-time environment
  • Big Data solutions: Statistical and machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive analytics
  • Advanced Big Data Tools: SparkSQL, Redis, HP vertica Neo4j, AsterixDB, Impala, etc.

Best Big Data Analytics Project Ideas Today:

  • Novel Methodology by OBDII In-Vehicle Data Extraction to Enhance Driving Habits Using Genetic Algorithm
  • Visual Features Discovery in Social Images for Recognizing User’s Sentiments
  • Explain Economic and Social Relationships Using Narrative Visualization in Financial News
  • Wearable Device Using Single IMU for Canine Behavior Recognition
  • Predict Highway Traffic Flow Prediction Using Bayesian Classifier and Support Vector Regression
  • Probabilistic Tourist Trip-Planning with Environmental Factors and Time Dependent Human
  • Attraction Network Based on Travel Intention for Recommending Travel Destinations
  • Unreliable Multi-Hop WN (Wireless Networks) Using an Adaptive Network Coding Strategy
  • A Phrase Based Methodology Used in Recommender Systems to Discover Hidden Topics and Hidden Factors
  • Web Based Approaches in Database for Automatic Correction and Detection of Information Errors
  • Interoperation System Among Database Management System (DBMS) ad HLA/RTI Federation Over HLA/RTI Simulating Virtual Test
  • Recursive Motion Monitoring in Wide Area Surveillance for Online Video Stabilization
  • Semantic Research Approach with Text representation Based on Wikipedia
  • Roadside Unit Allocation Strategy Based on Traffic Flow for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET)
  • Dynamically Adaptive Multi-Agent frameworks Using a Runtime Verification System