Projects Related to Big Data

Projects Related to Big Data

     Projects Related to Big Data give excellence of intellectual environment for you to deliver your breathtaking achievements for your next scientific generation. It is our outstanding project division for students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech, BSC, BCA, MSC, MCA and MPhil) and research philosophers (MS, PhD) coming from different streams namely EEE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering), ECE (Electrical and Communication Engineering), CA (Computer Application), CS (Computer Science) and IT (Information Technology).  Our Projects Related to Big Data service stands first in developing novel and innovation big data projects. We are successfully accomplished project development training in various universities and colleges premise. Would you like to knowledge more information about our awesome service? You can send your queries via Facebook, Twitter and Mail at 24 hours.

Projects Related to Big Data

    Projects Related to Big Data offer splendiferous path to simulate your daydream of intellectual academia successfully by our groundbreaking knowledgeable experts. Our experts are always with you to support in every aspects of your projects. We offer our excellent material of knowledge for scholars about the aspects of big data including data processing techniques, intelligence, analytics and knowledge engineering, sharing platforms and technology, modeling, recommendation system and framework, reconfigurable knowledge acquisition, data compression  etc.

Let’s See Some Key Ideas Related to Big Data,

Data Mining or Machine Learning

  • Supervised learning (Neural Network, Fuzzy Logic, etc.)
  • Unsupervised learning (Clustering, Classification, etc.)

Statistical Analysis

  • Statistical tools available in Big Data
  • Regression Analysis (linear and non-linear)
  • Basic Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing

NLP and Text Mining

  • Dendograms
  • Sentimental analysis
  • Topic extraction
  • Word clouds

Forecasting or Time Series

  • Time series plot
  • Model driven approaches
  • Forecasting errors
  • Data driven approaches

Data Visualization over Tableau

  • Visualization analysis
  • Visualization technology
  • Visualization report

Few Key Topics on Projects Related to Big Data:

  • An Innovative Approach for Non-Negative Latent Factors Extraction from Non-Negative Big Sparse Matrices
  • Sequential Nonlinear Learning Through Extreme Learning Machines for Distributed Multi-agent Framework
  • Searching and Extracting in scholarly Big Data for Algorithms
  • Novel Database for Recognize Emotional State from Drawing and Handwriting
  • Big Data Applications Used in Emerging Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computing Paradigm
  • Yield Improvement Using Pattern of High Dimensional Key Variable Search Algorithm
  • Evaluate Stream Spam Tweets Detection Based on Machine Learning Performance
  • Energy Efficient Distributed Data Analytics in Mobile Environments for Crowdsourcing Applications
  • Vehicular Positioning Enhancement Based on DSRC Using Distributed Multiple Model Kalman Filter
  • Scalable Semantically Relevant Web Content Provision on Big Data Paradigm
  • Towards Big Data Applications for Electricity Consumption Behavior Dynamics Clustering
  • Optimize Heuristic for Analytics of Reliable Data Congestion in Crowd-sourced E-Health Networks
  • Predicting Interactions Between Proteins in Highly Efficient Paradigm
  • Graph Regularized Nonlinear Ridge Regression for Analyze Remote Sensing Data
  • Parallel Clustered PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization) for Big Data Driven Composition in Mobile Environment