Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas

Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas

     Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas offer sumptuous scientific zone for you to build your dreamy achievements with our team of expert’s guidance and ingenious notions. On these days, we have the best relationship with the topmost colleges and universities for the scope of wide-spreading our pioneering and groundbreaking research thoughts among students and research society. In every month, we are conducting vast of workshops and seminars about Big Data Hadoop in various collages and various department of students including Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical & communication, Computer Science, Information Technology etc. To know about our Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas, you can get in touch with our experts through mail, phone or live chat.

Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas

   Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas give enriched knowledge-based ecosystem for you to upgrade your skill to do immense of ground breaking research in your forthcoming scientific pilgrimage. Our professionals are only targeted to improve your knowledge in big data projects by their high experience and expertise. We are expert in the field of big data Hadoop for the past 10 years. Our experienced training must help you to improve your profile in your future avocation.

Problem Statement/Research Issues on Big Data Hadoop:

-Integration and management

-Data Access

-Sharing of Information

-Security and Privacy

-Quality of Data

-Heterogeneous Data

-Analytical Issues

  • Data Storage
  • Data Analysis
  • Large Data Access
  • Determine data points

-Query Processing

  • Shuffling and Partitioning
  • Materialization/Pipelining

-In-Stream Processing

  • Shuffling
  • Pipelining
  • Fault-tolerance
  • Lineage Tracking
  • State Checkpointing

Solutions for Above Challenges:

    The above challenges overcome by the following solutions that are as follows,

  • MapReduce
  • Parallel Database Technologies
  • MongoDB [Fault tolerance issue solves]
  • Pig [Analysis large data sets]
  • Apache Eagle [security and performance issues solves]
  • Batch only frameworks

         -Hadoop Ultimate Solution for all big data problems

  • Hybrid frameworks

         -Apache Flink

         -Apache Spark

  • Stream only frameworks

         -Apache Samza

         -Apache Storm

List of Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas:

  • Specialized Data Analytics
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Speech Analysis
  • Migration through scripting platforms such as Java, SQL, and Python
  • Integration of Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Scalability during parallel processing of MapReduce jobs
  • Link prediction on social media
  • Cloud hosting through cloud service providers [Amazon, Microsoft and Google]
  • Patient vital monitoring over Hadoop
  • Hospital network maintenance on Hadoop
  • Healthcare Intelligence in Hadoop Technology
  • Fraud detection and prevention in Hadoop Technology
  • Genomics and cancer treatments over Hadoop Technology

Latest Topics in Big Data Hadoop Project Ideas:

  • Cluster Large Scale Data Using Incremental CFS Algorithm in Industrial IoT (Internet of Things)
  • An Innovative Big Data Infrastructure for Cloud City State Assessment System Implementation
  • Deep Web Big Video Data Pooled Time Series Based on Scalable Hadoop
  • CDR (Call Data Records) for Clinical Investigation Over Bid Data Technology
  • Classify Imbalanced Big Data Set Using Enriched Over Sampling Approaches
  • Compare Performance Using Ceph Storage Implementation with Big Data
  • Parallel Programming Approaches Based on Big Data for Survey Large Scale Graph Processing
  • Compression Approach Based on Scalable Data Chunk Similarity on Cloud for Efficient Big Sensing Data processing
  • Improve Health Risk Prediction Over Deep Learning on Revised Fusion Node and Big Data Framework
  • Fog Computing for Protect Cloud Data Over Hadoop Paradigm
  • Hadoop Framework for Sensor Data Dependable Large Scale Behavioral Patterns Mining
  • Targeted Advertising Using Real Time Sentiment Using Streaming Big Data Analysis
  • Business Process Reengineering for Modeling System Using Big Data Goal Orientation and Analytics
  • Hybrid Storage for Big Data Processing to Enhance Performance in Shuffle I/O
  • Geo-social Media Using an advanced computing model Using Big Data Analytics