Big Data Real Time Projects

Big Data Real Time Projects

      Big Data Real Time Projects is the excellent key to open treasure trove in your scientific research journey. Our magnificent experts are offering necessary guidance in Big Data Real Time Projects including project development training, tutorials in big data tools and software, effective strategies and techniques, latest implementation of algorithms, uptrend technologies and researches. Our guidance must help scholars to victoriously accomplish their intellectual research projects in the most excellent professional ways. As a part of our Big Data Real Time projects development training, we grant project protection in the view of training and latest emergency trends in software design and development which support scholars to meet industrial needs with a greater confidence and wider knowledge. To get further information, you can visit our websites and approach us by dint of our 24 hours professional services.

Big Data Real Time Projects

   Big Data Real Time Projects offer royal repertoire of knowledge development service for the plenty of students and research scholars to carryout best solution of advanced research from us. At the past few years, big data technologies growths are increased every data. Owing to, we offer best training and knowledge for scholars in advanced researches, strategies, technologies, big data development tools such as Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Cloudera, MongoDB, Oozie, YARN, HDFS, HBase etc.

Let’s insights about Real-Time Big Data Projects, 

Real-Time Data Sources:

  • Sensor Data
  • Web Servers
  • App Servers
  • Click Streams
  • Social media
  • Web apps
  • GPS
  • Machines
  • Cameras
  • Communication systems

 Technology to Deploy Real-Time Big Data Applications:

  • Apache Apex
  • Data Torrent
  • Internet of Things
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Spark MLib
  • Pentaho Analytics Platform
  • Hybrid Deployments (Cloud and Big Data)

What can we do for Big Data Real Time Projects?

  • Extraction
  • Transform and Enrich
  • Data in motion analytics [Real-Time Action and Insight]
  • Load
  • Analysis, Reporting and Mining

Recent Ideas for Real-Time projects:

  • Data Preparation
  • Streaming 5-9s availability
  • Spark Streaming
  • Data Ingestion and Transformation
  • Complex Data Replication
  • Risk and Fraud Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Cyber Security
  • Dimensional Computation
  • OLTO Data Streaming
  • Real-time Customer Intelligence
  • Talend Real-Time Big Data
  • High-Speed Big Data Processing (Apache Spark)
  • IoT Connectivity Integration (MQTT and AMQP)
  • High Speed Reliable Messaging (Amazon Kinesis, Talend ESB)

Real-Time Big Data Applications:

  • Smart city resource management
  • Safety and emergency management
  • Citizen pleasant and health enhancement
  • Real-time infrastructure management
  • Real-time people flow management
  • Disaster prevention model

Latest Titles for Big Data Real-Time Projects:

  • Towards Academic Memory Tuning in Clusters for In-Memory Big Data Analytics
  • Enhancing WordNet Large Lexical Database Visualization Over Semantic Tag Clouds
  • Investigation of Data Analysis and Pulse Monitoring Framework Based on Clouding for Efficient Physical Training
  • Empirical Mobile Network Traffic Data Investigation for Resource Management
  • Dynamic Graphs Cost-Effective and Continual Partitioning for Big Graph Processing Framework Optimization
  • VHR (Very High Resolution) Satellite Imagery Using Scalable Probabilistic Change Detection Algorithm
  • An OWL Ontology Representations Using Linked Data for Machine Learned Functions
  • An Efficient Top-K Trajectory Similarity Query Processing Algorithm on GPGPUs for Big Trajectory
  • Mining Semantic Location History in Online Social Network for Collaborative POI Recommendation
  • Adaptive Deep Convolutional Features Weighted Matching for Painting Retrieval
  • Monaural Polyphonic Audio Music Based Singing Pitch Extraction and Voice Separation Through Adaptive Pitch Tracking and DNN
  • Structural and Local Features Based Robust and Effective Multi-View Vehicle Classification Approach
  • Post Filtering for Speech Intelligibility Improvement Using Band Importance Function
  • Analyze Online World of Mouth (OWOM) in the World of Big Data on Box Office Revenue
  • Recognize Real Time Sign Language in Hierarchical Clustering Classification Method Based Complex Background Scene