Big Data PhD Thesis

Big Data PhD Thesis

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Big Data PhD Thesis

   Big Data PhD Thesis is one of our most excellent of service establish with the focus of help PhD scholars and provide well-prepared thesis to accomplish thesis PhD research with the grand attainments. We are experts of excellence in Big Data Thesis Preparation Service and unique knowledge in big data technologies, tools and process such as classification trees, network analysis, association rule learning, sentiment analysis, regression, deep learning, NoSQL database, business intelligence and so on.

Mostly, Big Data falling into the following reasons,

  • Privacy (Managing data with private trust)
  • Legislative (Use of data with respect to the permission)
  • Methodological (Data quality and Sustainability of Statistical methods)
  • Management (Directives and policies about the data and protection of data)
  • Technological (Issues related to Information Technology)
  • Financial (Data costs of sourcing data)

      …”Cloud computing is one of the emerging technologies in Big Data which allowed to storing huge amount of data including, structural, semi-structural and un-structural data”. There is some challenges and deployment needs to adapt these types of data.

What are the reasons to consider cloud computing?

  • Users can access data from anywhere
  • Hardware expensive is reduced and frequent hardware updates
  • High availability of the data
  • Keep organization with space and monitoring needs for data storage servers and devices
  • Multiple servers configured for multiple requests

Cloud Services for Big Data:

Amazon Web Services

-Compute and Networking

  • Route 53
  • VPC
  • Direct Connect
  • EC2

-Content and Storage Delivery

  • Amazon S3
  • Storage Gateway
  • Glacier
  • CloudFront


  • Elastic Cache
  • RDS
  • DynamoDB
  • Redshift

-Deployment and Management

  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • CloudFormation
  • CloudTrail
  • IAM
  • OpsWorks
  • CloudWatch

Future of Big Data in Cloud (Google Cloud Platform):

  • Data Warehouse Analytics (Google BigQuery)
  • Stream and Batch Data Processing (Google Cloud Data Flow)
  • Hadoop and Spark Management (Google Cloud Dataproc)
  • Powerful Data Exploration (Google Cloud Datalab)
  • Customized Data Support (Google Data Studio)
  • Intelligent Data Preparation (Google Cloud Dataprep)

Based on the above technology we write the following Big Data PhD Thesis,

  • An Improved Visualization Approach for Big Longitudinal Data to Help Behavioral Trajectory Pattern Recognition
  • Heterogeneous Urban Big Data Based Air Quality Estimation Using Extended Spatiotemporal Granger Causality Approach
  • Cyber Physical Framework for Integrative Genomic Association Microfluidics Driven Analysis
  • Formulation of Mathematical Programming in Smart Grid for Electricity Demand Optimal Load Shifting
  • Max-Min Fair Resource Allocation in Shared Clouds for Stream Big Data Analytics
  • Interactive Speed Query Engine on Temporary Data for Ad Hoc Queries
  • Different Machine Learning Approaches Comparison for Gestational Age Infants to Small Prediction
  • Security Situational Awareness Based on Big Data Analytic in Smart Grid Applications
  • Scalable Metadata Lookup Service in Data Centers for Distributed File Systems
  • Multi Task Learning and Deep Model Based Transfer for Analyze Biological Image
  • Social Media in Distinctive Metropolitan Areas to Understand Idiosyncratic Lifestyles
  • Clustering Affinity Propagation for Investment Risk Reduction and Intelligent Portfolio Diversification
  • Hybrid Database Converts for Air Pollution Monitoring Service Implementation
  • Smart Campus Using Big Data Technology on Energy Monitoring Service Construction
  • Free Energy Modeling and Frequency Domain Analysis for Differentiate true or False 4K Resolution