Big Data Student Projects

Big Data Student Projects

    Big Data Student Projects offer splendiferous opening for you to outreach your extreme achievements. Our preeminent research organization provides high revel research training and immense of opportunities for students and research intellectuals to gain more and more from us. Our group of universal celebrated expert provides vast array of services for worldwide students and research society with the aim of make them as experts in this respective field. By our 10+ years of experience and knowledge, we give the best guidance in big data project development. Innovation is an ornament for any kind of research. Keep this with till your end of journey. Students who are eager to implement your big projects by our guidance? Get in touch with us. We are very happy to guide you.

Big Data Student Projects

   Big Data Student Projects give deluxe research zone for you to upgrade your skill with the help of our magnificent expert’s pioneering and artistic research notions. We prepare students and research fellows in development of projects, computerized applications, algorithms to enable information discovery from large volume of data. It will be used in the technological aspects of big data analytics such as algorithm design, acquisition, analysis, programing, mining, management and interpretation of data.  Our research covers a wide range of Big Data issues that can be tackled through our research approach. Let’s be understood of Big Data Research Solutions for major problems,

Big Data Research Domains:

Web Analytics:

  • Web data measurement and collection

Click Stream Analysis:

  • User experience enhancing
  • Use HDFS with Flume for Stream Feeding
  • Data visualization with Tableau

Log Analysis:

  • Log data analysis over Flume
  • Flume uses large data retrieved from social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook

Cloud Computing:

  • RDS and OBS services available in cloud
  • Big Data tools supports like Hive, Spark, Hadoop MapReduce

Advanced Big Data Analytics:

Graph Middleware

  • GPU Optimization
  • Power Optimization
  • Parallel Prog. Lib

Graph Database

  • GBase
  • Native Store

Graph Visualization

  • Big Graph
  • Dynamic Graph
  • Multivariate Graph

Graph Analytics

  • Search and Matching
  • Flow and Path
  • Topological Analysis

Spatio Temporal Analytics

  • Spatiotemporal Mining
  • Spatiotemporal Indexing

Machine Reasoning

  • Game Theory Tools
  • Bayesian Networks
  • Multimodal Analysis Platform

Mobile Cognition

  • Robot Cognition Tools
  • iOS Cognition Tools

Machine Learning

  • Text and Visual Sentiment Tools
  • Anomaly Detection Tools
  • Deep Learning Tools

A List of Big Data Student Projects Titles:

  • Modeling Mitotic Temporal Information for Detect Mitotic Event
  • Big Data Exploration from Location Based Services on Inference of Physical Social Aware Localness
  • A Novel Methodology in Big Data Paradigm for Storing Consistent Fuzzy Geospatial Data
  • Fuzzy Based Scalable Clustering Algorithms Used in Apache Spark for Handling Big Data
  • Robust Big Data Analytics in Smart Grid for Electricity Price Forecasting
  • Detect Mitosis in Stem Cell Population Based Phase Contrast Microscopy Image Sequences
  • Content Aware Partial Compression in Hadoop Paradigm for Textual Big Data Exploration
  • Achieving Dig Data Duplication of Efficient and Privacy Preserving Cross Domain in Cloud
  • Effective Missing Data Prediction Through Multivariable Time Series on Apache Spark
  • Complex Queries Evaluation and Optimization in Cloud Paradigm Through NoSQL and Relational Data Stores
  • Privacy Preserving Big Data Environment for Detect Collaborative Spam
  • Deep Features Learning in Convolutional Auto Encoder Neural Network for Analyze Medical Image
  • Analyze Security Based on Big Data in Cloud Computing for Virtualized Infrastructures Protection
  • Deep Learning Algorithm Based Flood Forecasting Approach Through Stacked Auto Encoders Integration with BP Neural Network
  • Novel Geometric Analysis Mechanism on Large Scale Network Using Trapezoidal Area Estimation for Anomaly Detection