Hadoop Open Source Projects

Hadoop Open Source Projects

     Hadoop Open Source Projects offer golden opportunities to capture the awe-inspiring accomplishment for your advancing future. First, we found our research institution with the major goal of hold national and international level students and research philosophers in this emerging world. Our hundreds of mind-blowing knowledgeable brilliants refresh their knowledge from world’s top journals to provide the best training for you. We have high experience and high-tech knowledge in this respective field. By virtue of our Hadoop Open Source Projects service, numerous of students and researchers are come and join with us every day. If you need our best assistance and training, get in touch with our brilliants with our any delay.

 Hadoop Open Source Projects

      Hadoop Open Source Projects give the greatest point for students and research society to earn their attainment with the grand goal. We give the best tutorial in Hadoop application implementation, supported algorithms and database including use of Impala and Hive and understand HBase. Our spectacular knowledgeable experts are support and provide training students and research philosophers in real time Hadoop Open Source Projects development.

Major Tools and Technologies in Big Data Hadoop:

  • R
  • Spark
  • J2SE
  • Servlet
  • Ambari
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Argo UML 0.34
  • Pentaho
  • HBase 0.94.16
  • Cassandra
  • Mahout
  • MongoDB
  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
  • Eclipse (Indigo SR2)
  • JSP (Java Server Pages)
  • Pig

Special Information in Hadoop 2017:

  • EMR (Elastic MapReduce): Runs upon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute) Infrastructure
  • Data Security and Authority
  • Automation of Machine Learning: Use of Distributed SQL Engines (Presto, Impala, Hive, and SparkSQL)
  • Spread Data Fabrics
  • Deep Learning and AI to Boost Big Data

Big Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Support (SparkSQL, Impala and Hive)
  • Deploy Single Gateway Node
  • In the On-Premises and Cloud Big Data Systems including






      -Microsoft HDI

  • Complex Data Types (Built-in-Support)

      -Structured and unstructured

      –Network Logs

     –Clickstream Data

     –IoT Data

  • Optimized Query on Data Using


     -Advanced Statistic

Hadoop Big Data Project Ideas:

  We focus on the following topics,

  • Hadoop NoSQL and Analytics (Keyword extraction with apache pig, data visualization with node js, twitter stream parse with python)
  • Real-Time Streaming Processing with Apache Strom and Apache Kafka (Focal point on twitter stream)
  • Kafka Streaming with Zookeeper and YARN (Set Kafka stream in java code, set twitter stream in python, java code deployment with apache samza)
  • Healthcare Industry Based Big Data Application with Apache Solr and Apache Sqoop (Map Technology to Hive/Hadoop Stack with HCatalog and Scoop)
  • Hadoop Predictive Analytics in Data Science (For Supervise Training and Regression Matrices, Create MapReduce Data and Run ML (Machine Learning) Logistic Regression with Python)
  • Hadoop Distributed File System Log Analytics and Collection Using Apache HCatalog and Apache Flume ()

Our Unique Hadoop Open Source Projects List:

  • Analyze Big Data in Cloud Based Hotel Customer Evaluation and Response
  • Big Data Using Scalable Differential Evolutionary Clustering Algorithm in MapReduce Framework
  • Explore Subgroup Using Multi-Objective Evolutionary Fuzzy Algorithm in Big Data Framework
  • Massive Streaming Data Mining Using OVFDT Algorithm Based on Bayes Classifier on Big Data Environment
  • For Analyze Big Data on Multilevel Data Processing Using an Innovative Parallel Algorithms and Techniques in High Performance Computing
  • Combined Filtering Recommendation Algorithm Based on Item with the Empirical Analysis Using an Optimized MapReduce
  • Streaming Data Based Anomaly Detection in Large Scale Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Platform
  • Protect Big Data Storage Using Intelligent Cryptography Approach in Cloud Computing
  • Enhanced Apriori Algorithm Based Residential Electricity Consumption Characteristic Analysis
  • Enhance Research Utilization by Efficient and Effective Approaches in Heterogeneous Framework for Hadoop MapReduce
  • Big Data Storage Architecture Based on Internet of Things in Cloud Computing
  • Climate Data Based on Efficient Big Array Processing Using Spatiotemporal Indexing Technique
  • Predictive Approach for Dig Data to Schedule Task Using Novel Classification Algorithms in Cloud Platform
  • Heterogeneous Multimedia Big Data Based OSOR (Optimized Semantic Ontology Retrieval) Algorithm
  • Traffic Aware Aggregation and Partition in MapReduce for Big Data Applications