Project Ideas on Big Data

Project Ideas on Big Data

    Project Ideas on Big Data is the star way to change your academic life into scientific life to buy preponderance adventure. Our scientific institution aimed to give step by step assistance and support at open source and big data. We are offering our primary service of Projects ideas on Big Data widely-reaching in all over the world due to our standard. Our grand daydream is to create knowledgeable research generation in this technological world. Every day, we update our knowledge from uptrend technological news and world’s top journals. Our ground-shaking skillful professionals grant their miraculous knowledge and notions for students and researchers for generate knowledge revolution amidst of scholars. Would you have interest to learn much from our brilliants? You can easily communicate with our professionals through Facebook or twitter.

Project Ideas on Big Data

   Project Ideas on Big Data grant optimal and ideal experimental environment for students and research professoriates to practice their knowledge in this respective research field. We deliver customized and standardized, vendor neural courses for students and research academicians with the combination of big data topics and ideas including Machine Learning, Big Data Basics, Hbase/NoSQL, Spark, Data Science, R, Pig And Hive, Apache Nifi, Kylo, Apache Cassandra, Business Intelligence etc. 

     In this modern era of the world, IoT (Internet of Things) plays an important role in Big Data, Let’s have look at on Big Data Assisted IoT,

    “IoT and Big Data work progressively with all major business and application domains. IoT refers to collect all types of data from streaming sources and Big Data is the fuel to realize the future of a smart world connected with number of devices.”   The major objective of this integration is to harness of data sensing from different devices and forward the future value to get the timely solutions.

Upcoming Research Trends in Big Data and IoT:

  • Mobile services
  • Data and Knowledge management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Social implications of IoT
  • IoT Intelligent systems and services computing
  • Location awareness and context awareness
  • Smart Environments
  • Next Generation of Networks
  • Data visualization and analysis of Smart city
  • Remote diagnosis, sensor networks and development
  • Transportation management
  • Vehicle behaviors investigation
  • Pattern recognition
  • Large Scale Information systems
  • Urban and environmental monitoring in smart cities
  • Security and privacy in smart city applications
  • Fog/Cloud computing in data processing center

Trend Topics on Big Data:

  • Massive Streaming Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) Data Analysis and Analytics in Multiple High Dimensionality Covariance Tests Based Smart Grid State Evaluation
  • Improve Big Resource Description Framework (RDF) Data Quality Using Entity Resolution and Semantic Based Fusion
  • Share Size Optimization for Big Data in Efficient and Robust Secret Distribution Scheme
  • Framework on Volunteered Federated Clouds for Big Data Workloads Processing
  • Pre-Authentication Mechanism in Big Data Context to Proxy Re-Encryption
  • Selective Encryption Methodologies to Confidential Guarantee for Big Sensing Streams
  • Group Users Based Cloud Data Sharing Using a Novel Privacy Aware Public Auditing Strategy
  • Cloud Computing Based Big Data Clustering Using Privacy Preserving High Order Possibility C-Means Algorithm
  • Heterogeneous Data Management in Cloud Computing with Reduplication
  • Adaptive Pattern Learning System to Predict Personalize Online Seizure
  • Cyber Physical Systems in Big Data Social Sensing Applications Using Scalable Uncertainty Aware Truth Discovery
  • Demonstrable and Protected Access Control Strategy in Cloud Computing Environment for Big Data Storage
  • Suitable Analytic Approach in Multimedia Social Networks for User Behavior Patterns
  • Social and Surveillance Data for Public Security Events Multi-Modal Description
  • Supporting Secure Encrypted Data Reduplication by Attribute Based Storage in Cloud