Projects Based on Big Data

Projects Based on Big Data

     Projects Based on Big Data offers meritorious research zone to create star of record breaking research. Our universal level celebrated and uptrend team members are experts in the premium of big data research project design and development, search engine optimization, software development, E-Business, hosting and traditional communication solution for enhance scholar’s standard in this universal. We guide our scholars in each and every part of big data project development. Through our creative and virtuoso research notions students and research intellectuals with the hope of make them as experts in this respective field. Would you like to become as expert in your future? Toady you move closer without any hesitation. We are always available for you.

Projects Based on Big Data

     Projects Based on Big Data give the best opening for budding of students and research Profs to perform something new in this competition research environment.  Our dedicative professionals support scholars to enhance their knowledge in the field of big data. Today big data hold potential to allow decision manufacturers to improve social sensitive data protection, track development progress and understand where existing programs and policies require adjustment.

Open Research Challenges based on Big Data Processing:

Batch Processing

  • High Throughput Networking
  • Fault-tolerance


  • Elastic resource needs
  • Load spikes


  • User friendly toolkits
  • Low latency networking

Machine Learning

  • Iterative Dataflow
  • Complex functions data

Big Data Track 1: Research

  • Cloud Security
  • Cloud Data Privacy
  • Storage architecture of cloud
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Green Cloud Applications
  • Data center networking technologies
  • Virtualization technologies
  • Big Data Graph Algorithms
  • Big data storage and management
  • Big Data Processing (Analytics, Mining and Querying)
  • Cloud Resource Management and performance

Big Data Track 2: Industry

  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Cloud Computing Standards and Specifications
  • Enterprise Models and Practices
  • Business performance management
  • Economic analytics

Big Data Track 3: Applications

  • Big Data as a Service (BaaS)
  • Analytic as a Service (AaaS)
  • Big Data Toolkits
  • Big Data Platforms
  • Mobile Cloud Computing applications

Research Titles for Projects based on Big Data:    

  • Data Structure for Three Dimensional Models to Editing Scalable Distributed Collaborative Editing
  • Advanced Topology Time Division Beacon Construction Strategy for ZigBee/IEEE 802.15.4 Cluster-Tree Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Recommendation Considering Long Tail Effect Using Probabilistic Perspective Methodology
  • Behavioral Data Analysis Based Context Aware Trust Prediction Methodology in Distributed Network Paradigm
  • Intelligent Defects Identification Using Partial Discharge Signals for Motors
  • Health Care System Partial Implementation and Design by Using DM Approaches for Disease Behaviors Analysis and Detection
  • Big Data Measurement Based Human Autonomic Nervous Activity Analysis Through Smartphone
  • A MapReduce Based Framework in Online Streams for Web Logs Analysis
  • Learning Based Power Aware Communication Protocol in Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
  • Forecasting Multiple Spatiotemporal Scales Traffic in Mobile Cellular Network
  • Distributed Strategic Learning to Achieve Reliable Event Notification for Building Network Embedded Coding
  • Subscribe/Publish Protocol in the IoT (Internet of Things) for Event Driven Communications
  • Chinese Micro Blog Topic Tracking and Detection Using Enhanced Single Pass Algorithm
  • Efficient and Fast Entity Resolution Strategy in Mobile Data for Preserving Privacy
  • Data Mining Tools Evaluation Using Experiment Design for Telecommunication Monitoring Data