Big Data Analysis Projects

Big Data Analysis Projects

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Big Data Analysis Projects

   Big Data Analysis Projects is the futuristic development surface with the huge vision of enriches students and researchers knowledge. Big Data Analysis Projects has been very active and hot research area during the past few years. It is hard to execute data analysis task efficiently with the solutions of traditional data warehouse. We give the best coaching in parallel dataflow systems running (Apache Pig) and parallel processing (Apache Hadoop) platforms which are running on top. It is the popular combinations used in large scale data processing.

Emerging Big Data Analysis Topics:

  • Image Processing
  • Text Analytics
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Network Analytics
  • Geospatial Analytics
  • Real-Time Analytics

Big Data Analytics Technologies:

  • Crowdsourcing
  • A/B Testing
  • Cloud based infrastructure
  • Data Fusion and Integration
  • Data Mining
  • Distributed databases
  • Distributed File Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • Genetic Algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Time Series Analysis and Visualization
  • Multilinear subspace learning
  • Massively parallel processing databases
  • Search based Applications

Tools/Methods for Big Data Analysis Projects:

  • Graph Databases
  • Classification Algorithms
  • Clustering Algorithms
  • Deep Analysis
  • Hadoop Connectors: R:rm2, .NET, Python, Pattern
  • MongoDB and PyTables
  • Blosc and Blaze

Some Real-Time Examples of Big Data Analysis:

  • Machine Learning: Amazon product recommendations or Google Search, Facebook news feed
  • IT log Analytics: In large scale environment, determine large scale patterns to prevent the Big Data problems
  • Business Data Analytics: Everyday figure out how much coffee is consumed in sales industry.
  • Call center Analytics: Capturing and processing customers call contents
  • Social Media Analysis: Social media activity analyzing in every seconds

E.g. Every 60 seconds a social media,

  1. 695, 000+ status updates in FaceBook
  2. 98,000+ tweets in Twitter
  3. 698, 445+ users searches Google
  4. 1,820 terabytes of data created
  5. Added 217 users uses mobile web
  6. 168 million+ emails sent

Today, Big Data is a buzz word. We can find many applications in Big Data. Here’s we provide some applications related Big Data Analysis Projects titles for your reference,

  • Apache Spark Based Block Power Method Implementation for Large scale Matrices Dominant Eigenvectors and Eigenvalues Computation
  • Energy Storage Framework Optimization in the Active Set Method Based Distribution Network
  • Comfort Aware and Cost Effective Electricity Scheduling for Home Energy Management System
  • Adaptive Filter Based Strategy in Wireless Sensor Networks for Data Collection
  • Bayesian Networks Based Selection Algorithm for Mitigated Virtual Machine
  • Stackelberg Game Based Optimal Pricing Mechanism and Workload Allocation in Crowdsourcing
  • Improve Classification Performance and Feature Selection for Malware Detection
  • T9ime Synchronization Approach Based on Mobility Built-in Model for Underwater Sensor Networks
  • Personality Feature Employment in Signed Networks to Rank the Influential Users
  • Evaluate Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Energy Efficiency on GPUs and CPUs
  • Task Recommendation Model for Dwell Time Based Mobile Crowdsourcing Framework
  • Implementation and Development of SDI Model Based on SOA for Tourism Information Structure Management Web Services
  • Fast CU Size Decisions for Support Vector Machines Based HEVC Intra Frame Coding
  • Radio Resource Allocation in the 5G Era for Device to Device (D2D) Enabled Massive Machine Communication
  • Simulated Annealing Integrated Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Datacenters to Virtual Machine Migration