Data Analytics Projects For Students

Data Analytics Projects For Students

     Data Analytics Projects for Students gives an admirable strategy for you to attain unfaltering victorious in your every step. We are installed our national and international level organization for the big aspiration of serve students (BE, BTech, ME, Mtect, MCA) and research professoriates (MS/PhD) in low price. At the present moment, we tie up with the universal level popular universities and colleges in all over the world. By virtue of this, we are sharing our updated and ingenious knowledge among students and research society from world each and every corners. Scholars who are interested to utilize our Data Analytics Projects for Students? You can communicate with us through our 24 hours live chat service.

Data Analytics Projects for Students

     Data Analytics Projects for Students is the premier way to start journey with your beauty of dream. Our big data brilliants give in-depth project ideas for students and research colleagues with the high hope of enrich their profile for future profession. We train our students in each and every period of big data development with the knowledge of big data concept including real time personalization, predictive analytics, batch processing, cluster computing, Cassandra, in-memory computing, machine learning etc. Here, we enumerates some of the latest datasets that are used in our Data Analytics Projects for Students,

Image Datasets:

  • CIFAR-10
  • ImageNet
  • 80 Million Tiny Image Dataset

Text Datasets:

  • Wikipedia
  • Social Networks data
  • Open Web Directory

Network Datasets:

  • Trec Datasets
  • KDD Cup Datasets
  • Collection of larger datasets
  • Click through rate dataset
  • Lemur dataset
  • Twitter 2010 graph with 1.4B edges
  • Graph 500 Benchmark
  • Rate dataset from HW1

Astronomy Datasets:

  • Hubble Space Telescope (HST) data with 100 gigapixels

Data Analytics Tools:

  • GraphLab
  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • GraphChi

Few List of Topics in Data Analytics for Students:

  • Network Coding by Parallel Matrix Block Operations Based DAG Scheduling in Heterogeneous Multicore Internet of Things Nodes
  • Public Healthcare Surveillance from Social Media for Twitter Classification Using Clustering Method
  • Traffic Pattern Learning Based Visual Sensor Networks Using an Efficient Intrusion Detection Mechanism
  • Systematic Approach by Preserving Micro and Macro Architectures for Cross Source Point Cloud Registration
  • Informal Short Text Messages Normalization Using Semi Supervised Probabilities Mechanism
  • Efficient Classification and Sampling Approach in Software Defined Big Data Centers for Flow Detection
  • Selective Novel Encryption Method for Big Data Sensing Data Stream to Ensure Data Confidentiality.
  • Flexible Infrastructure in Automated Production Systems for Heterogeneous Data Sources Data Mining
  • Data Hiding Paradigm Based on Machine Intelligence for Ship Energy Efficiency
  • Advocating Resources Isolation among Multi Tenants in IaaS Cloud Model by Containerization
  • Conventional Neural Network in Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes for Fault Classification and Diagnosis
  • Improvement of Equipment Utilization Using Big Data Mechanism with Multi Fidelity Simulation Optimization in Photolithography Surface Via Control of Dynamic System
  • Fuzzy Logic Strategy in Stream Process System for Detect Effectual Bottle
  • Enriching Power Quality Using Electric Power Distribution System Analysis and Measurement with Optimal Reactive Power Compensation
  • Big Heterogeneous Data Parallel Processing for Security Monitoring IoT (Internet of Things) Networks