Interesting Big Data Projects

Interesting Big Data Projects

    Interesting Big Data Projects give world-breaking research paradigm which is a knowledge discovering circumstance for you. Our team of magnificent experts is conducting research and project development programs which could discover acute knowledge in the respective field of technologies. We build scholars knowledge in the aspects of enlarges research activities like documentation proficiency, and sharpen analytics, excellent programmers and feasible solution identification in critical and highly challenged projects. Our experts in big data research field can leas your potential work and good stuff by our Interesting Big Data Projects service. You can approach us for any kind of support and guidance. Here, we are ready to craft your tech skills in a deepness as well as amazing profession in your professional life.

Interesting Big Data Projects                 

     Interesting Big Data Projects is our praiseworthy service which is begun with the Nobel mind of caters our pioneering and groundbreaking ideas for students and research fellows in all over the world. We guide scholars to implement their big data projects by our high experience of big data research including big data technologies, scalable storage systems, distributed database & file systems, data mining techniques and tools, data visualization, data storage and capture, cloud computing paradigm in big data, machine learning in big data and so on.

Big Data Analytics Methods:

  • Pattern Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Information Retrieval
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Text Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining
  • Prescriptive Analytics

Publicly available Data Sources:

  • Amazon Public Datasets
  • Facebook Graph
  • Google Finance
  • Google Freebase
  • Google Trends
  • Open Data from U.S. Government
  • World Health Organization
  • Wikipedia Content
  • QuandI

Major Project Outline:


  • What is the Goal of your project?
  • What is the main objective of the research work?


  • Why this is an important?

Problem Definition

  • What is the exact problem?

Description of the Project

  • Detailed description of the project


  • What do you use to solve the problem?
  • Which algorithm is going to use?
  • What is the procedure/workflow of the project?

Results Evaluation

  • What is the quantitative result?
  • How do you compare expect (proposed) with existed results?

Most Interesting Big Data Projects Titles:

  • A New Visualization Aided Validation Index Based on Multiple Imputation (MI) for Big Longitudinal Web Trial Data Mining
  • Learning with Privileged Visual Semantic Misalignment to Classify Fine-Grained Categories
  • Core Vector Machine and Big Data Based Power System Transient Stability Assessment
  • Wide Area Synchrophasor Measurement Systems Using Distributed Data Analytics
  • Nearest Neighbor Mechanism Based on MapReduce for Big Data Driven Traffic Flow Prediction
  • Cloud Based Architecture Over Future Wireless Networks for the Internet of Spectrum Devices
  • Stable Online Scheduling Approach Over Fluctuating Big Data Streams for Real Time Stream Computing
  • Change Detection Using Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm in Multispectral Landsat Images
  • Image Edge Detection and Temporal Differencing Based Moving Targets Using Rotation Feature Extraction
  • Data Driven Modules Focusing on Benchmarking and SLAs for Objective visual Quality Assessment
  • Grasping Popular Applications with Big Data Analytics Paradigm in Cellular Networks
  • Analyze Virus Propagation Analysis and Modeling in Large Scale Networks
  • Parallel Hyper Spectral Unmixing Method on GPU Over Split Augmented Lagragian
  • Fuzzy Group Based Intersection Control for Smart Transportations Via Vehicular Networks
  • Object Proposals Based Modified CFAR Algorithm in SAR Images for Ship Target Detection