Projects in Hadoop

Projects in Hadoop

     Projects in Hadoop give overwhelmingly impressive arena to triumphantly outreaching your dream of destination in your fabulous journey. Our each and every expert has the best knowledge in the Hadoop development field and updated with the novel technologies. Our past research philosophers and students are working in universal top graded software companies and research organization. We offer the fantabulous training and coaching for research Profs and students about their Hadoop projects at various phases of their projects over our seminar classes and our detailed technical project documentation. Scholars, who want to get our fruitful learning experience in Hadoop? You can contact our Hadoop experts without any hesitation.

 Let’s View Our Set of Steps to Develop Projects in Hadoop,

  • Identify the problem
  • Designing and collecting data requirement
  • Perform data preprocessing operations
  • Perform Analytics over Big data paradigm
  • Visualizing data

  In this modern era, R with Hadoop visualization analytics has lot of opportunities to working on research projects in Hadoop.  The main reason to integrate these frameworks is to process with petabyte (PB) scale data and it addresses the issue of scalability. In below we listed other few reasons why R is integrated into Hadoop,

  • Supports Advanced data visualizations
  • It is an interactive programming language
  • It supports various R packages over Hadoop
  • Itself consist of statistical programming features
  • It can be used in graphical applications

Most Popular Examples for Data Visualization over integrated R with Hadoop:

  • Plotting Facet Scales using ggplot
  • Dashboard Charts
  • Bubble chart in many eyes
  • Power stations on US using Excel
  • ChartBlocks
  • Charted (Sharing data)
  • ly (
  • Data Driven documents (D3.js)
  • Dygraphs (one hour time series analysis)

Applications of R with Hadoop:

  • Decision Making Optimization
  • Sentiment trends understanding through text data
  • Similar groups identification in complex datasets
  • Twitter Data analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Spatial data analysis
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Statistical and machine learning
  • Finite mixture models
  • Cluster analysis
  • Text mining and topic modeling

Projects in Hadoop

  Projects in Hadoop offer ultimatum stadium for students and research scholars to gain more and excellence of research knowledge from our mind-blowing knowledgeable experts. We serve our rich knowledge for amid students and research community by our 15+ years of experience and expertise in Hadoop. Most recently, we are completed 10000+ Hadoop projects and now committed with 1000+ Hadoop projects from various universities, colleges and companies.

Some of the Problems on Hadoop Big Data Analytics:

  • Exploring web pages categorization
  • Sale prices prediction (case studies)
  • Computation of frequency changes in stock market
  • Difficult to understanding Google Analytics data attributes

Currently Developed Topics on Projects in Hadoop:

  • Analyze Failure Data by Monitoring Software in CNI (Critical Network Infrastructure)
  • Develop Single Criteria Collaborative Filter Using mahout in Hadoop Big Data
  • Spark and MapReduce Based Analytics Paradigm for Detect Earlier Flu Outbreak Using Social Media Data
  • T-Drive and BerlinMod for Evaluate Geospatial Big Data Processing Performance in Parallel Secondo
  • Identify Cyber Security Intrusion by Data Mining and Machine Learning Approaches
  • Stochastic Gradient Descent Scalable Logistic Regression for Health Data Analytics
  • HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) Data Replication and De-Duplication Using an Innovative Approach
  • Implement Parallel Distributed Workflow Management Module Using Telecommunication Provides for Operation Support System
  • Integrate MapReduce and K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm on FIDoop
  • Sharing Sensitive Data Using and Efficient Security Mechanism on Big Data Paradigm
  • Discover Co-Location Patterns to Analyze Computation Using MapReduce Paradigm
  • In-Memory Computation System for Revamped Market Basket Analysis
  • Quality of Life Sensor Based Assessment Using Data Science Analysis Tools in Health Care
  • Large Scale Virtual Screening on Apache Spark Public Cloud Resources
  • Integrating and Training Intrusion Detection Datasets Using MongoDB Databases