Hadoop Research Topics

Hadoop Research Topics

    Hadoop Research Topics is the highbrowed scientific ground for you to outstretch your achievements with the grand victory. We grant ultramodern Hadoop Research Topics for final year BE, BTech, ME, MTech, BSC, MSC, MCA, MPhil, MS and PhD students and research academicians. The miraculous research training will be provided by our global level certified professionals. Our comprehensive Hadoop research training is provided with the real time experience and coding is also provided. We also assist and support students and research colleagues in the part of develop complete project documentation or thesis. Our trained students can implement their own projects with the assistance of our universal-taking experts. Would you have anxious to utilizing our marvelous guidance? You can get connection with us by our nonstop online and offline services.

Hadoop Research Topics

    Hadoop Research Topics is our erudite ad knowledgeable framework for the resolution of provides modernistic research topics for scholars to pick the best topic in popular domain with our domain wise expert’s assistance. We have the best knowledge in Apache Hadoop Ecosystem including Distributed Storage (HDFS), Machine Learning (Mahout), Distributed Processing (MapReduce), Coordination (Zookeeper), NoSQL Database (HBase), Management & Monitoring (Ambari), Query (Hive), Workflow & Scheduling (Oozie) and Scripting (Pig).

The Power of Hadoop:

  • Two Primary Components: HDFS (Distributed file system) and MapReduce (Programming model)
  • Petabytes of data processing using Hadoop
  • Big Data storage and processing tools: HBase, Hive, Pig, Mahout, Storm, Giraph, etc.
  • Cloud service providers support: Google and Amazon Web Services
  • Get Best results from Big Data using Hadoop Platform with MapR
  • Building and processing Data-Driven apps
  • User’s data processing time reduction at 60% over Hadoop
  • Hadoop Deployment types: Pure Play and Run it Yourself

Recent Improvements over Hadoop:

  • Graph based Models by Giraph, GraphLab, Pregel, and GraphX
  • New current data platforms retrieved from: BigTable, MapReduce, Borg, Omega, GFS,
  • Big Data revolution on Energy, Transportation and Healthcare
  • Convergence between Cloud and Hadoop Services on Big Data Analytics
  • Realtime HDFS at Hadoop FaceBook
  • Data Warehouse Extension
  • HDFS Erosure Coding for reduce the storage cost in Hadoop
  • Shell Scripts Rewritten is applied for addressing lon-standing bugs
  • Multiple standby Namenodes support

Current Hadoop Research Topics:

  • Application Research of Real Time Trouble Shooting and HDFS Disk Space Utilization to Maintain Well Balanced Cluster
  • Evaluate Three Popular Meta Heuristics Empirical for Solving Salesman Problem During Traveling
  • NPL Approaches for Educational Video Transcripts Keyword Extraction
  • Simulation Modeling Based Resource Allocation System in Computer Supported Modeling System
  • Software Algorithm for Communication Systems Parametric and Structural Synthesis with the Heterogeneous Topology
  • Enhance Accuracy Naïve Bayes Classifier Prediction with Association Rule Mining
  • Evaluate Oblivious Data Processing Emulated Performance with Partially Homo-Morphic Encryption Schemes
  • Computing Large Connected Components in Logarithmic Rounds Using MapReduce
  • Ensemble Feature Selections Based Classification Algorithm for Imbalanced Class Dataset
  • Fuzzy Membership Based Artist Evaluation Model to Improve Robust Kernel Principal Component Analysis
  • Multi-scale Mechanotransduction Processes Modeling in Flow-Induced Platelet Activation
  • An Innovative Secure Big Data Cyber Incident Analytics System for Cyber Security Insurance Based on Cloud
  • Error Weighted Hashing Parallelization on Hybrid GPU-CPU for K-Nearest Neighbor Search Approximation
  • Modeling Coupled Reservoir and Geo-mechanics Flow on Distributed Memory Parallel Computers
  • A Supervised Learning Algorithm for Drug Effect Relation Extraction from Twitter.