Datasets for Big Data Projects

Datasets for Big Data Projects

      Datasets for Big Data Projects is our surprisingly wonderful service to make record-breaking scientists to create innovative scientific world. Our world level students and research scholars are experts of making students and research professoriates as an expert in this respective field. By our knowledge and experience, we train students and research collages to enhance their profile. Our amazing guidance must help scholars in their future career. We also give more services for you including thesis/documentation preparation, workshops, career training, PPT presentation support, paper publication support etc.  If you need our guidance, you can quickly approach our branch through our 24/7 online and offline services.

Datasets for Big Data Projects

   Datasets for Big Data Projects is an outstanding research zone began for you to acquire our creative and virtuoso research ideas. We are experts of experts in the part of train students and research scholars in big data framework and security including system and data integrity, humans and computer security, database security, language based security, intrusion detection, decision theory, game theory, hardware based security, executable content, infrastructure security, formal verification and method, privacy, network security, mobile computing security and so on.

For students understanding, we categorized datasets into three levels include:

-Beginner Level Data

  • Iris Data
  • Titanic Data
  • Text Data
  • Economic Data
  • Demographic Data
  • Corporate Data
  • Titanic Data
  • Sales Data
  • Crime Data
  • Wine Data
  • Jester Data
  • Loan Prediction Data
  • Enron Emails Data
  • Google N-grams Data
  • Yelp Academic Data
  • Loan Prediction Data
  • Boston Housing Data
  • Bigmart Sales Data

-Intermediate Level Data

  • Movie Lens Data
  • Black Friday Data
  • Millions Song Data
  • Siam Competition Data
  • Trip History Data
  • Census Income Data
  • Covertype Data
  • NY City taxi Data
  • Reddit top 2.5 million Data
  • Audioscrobbler Data
  • Human Activity Recognition Data

-Advanced Level Data

  • Yelp Data
  • ImageNet Data
  • Identify your Digits
  • Chicago Crime Data
  • KDD Cup1998
  • World Wide Web
  • NCDC Weather Data
  • Wikipedia
  • Medicine citation index
  • NY city taxi data
  • Reddit submission corpus
  • Network Traffic Anomaly Detection

Huge Size of Datasets available in Public:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Datasets
  • Youtube Video Dataset

AWS Public Datasets for Earth:

  • SpaceNet on AWS
  • Terrain Tiles
  • MODIS on AWS
  • Landsat on AWS
  • Sentinel-2 on AWS
  • OpenStreetMap on AWS

AWS Public Datasets for AI and ML:

  • Common Crawl
  • Google Books Ngrams
  • Amazon Bin Image Dataset
  • Multimedia commons
  • SpaceNet on AWS
  • UCI machine learning repository
  • Kaggle dataset

Text Classification Datasets:

  • Movie Review Data
  • Spam-Non Spam
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis

Other Datasets [More than 1 GB]:

  • Tiny Images Dataset
  • Reference Energy Disaggregation Dataset
  • MOBIO Dataset
  • ImageNet Dataset
  • Open American National Corpus
  • Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA)

Curate List of Datasets for Big Data Projects:

  • Parallel Monte-Carlo Simulation for Stratospheric Balloon Envelop Drift Descent Analysis on GPU and Xeon Phi
  • Virtual Machine Scheduling Method in Cloud for Trade Offs Between Performance and Energy
  • Cloud Video Data Storage Management Using Energy Aware Workload Balancing Methodology
  • Combined Solution foe Encrypted Cloud Storage for Conjunctive Phase Search, Keyword Search and Auditing
  • Bee Colonies in Social Medias Network for Detect Meaningful Communities
  • A Framework in Indoor Events for Overcrowding Detection Using Scalable Technologies
  • Indoor Localization Method Based on Iterative Weighted KNN in (BLE) Bluetooth Low Energy Environment
  • Classifying Large Scale and Very High Dimensional Multi Class Image Datasets with Latent ISVM
  • Fuzzy AHP in Context Aware Ubiquitous Learning Frameworks for Learning Service Selection
  • Apply Trustworthy Remote Entity for Large Scale Applications to Privacy Preserving Multiparty Computation
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and Artificial Neural Network for Time Series Forecasting with L-Scenarios Generation in Hybrid Method
  • Apply Multi-Scale Entropy Algorithm Through Accelerometer Sensor to Analyze Dynamic COP Signal
  • Cloud Environment Using Profit and Performance Oriented Data Replication Strategy
  • Resource Modeling and Management Using Machine Learning Based Platform for Video Analytic in Cloud Based Hadoop Environment
  • Agent Based Scheduling in Software-as-a-Service Paradigm for Data Intensive Workflow