PhD Thesis on Big Data Analytics

PhD Thesis on Big Data Analytics

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PhD Thesis on Big Data Analytics

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What we covers in this PhD Thesis on Big Data Analytics:

  • Introduction and Big Data Trends
  • Challenges and Research Questions
  • Technical Approach
  • Types of Big Data Analytics (Predictive/Descriptive)
  • Life Cycle of Big Data Analytics
  • Research Methodology
  • Programming Languages/Tools/Frameworks
  • Use cases (Where we start/What’s Trending)

Here is a List of PhD Thesis on Big Data Analytics:

  • A Novel Strategy on Cloud for Integrity and Privacy of Spatial Data Protection
  • Singular Value Decomposition Investigation for Wireless Local Area Network Location Fingerprinting
  • Large Graphs Accelerated Visualization by Parallel Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  • Aggregating Binaries Local Features for Efficient Three Dimensional Model Retrieval by Summing
  • Adaptive Video Streaming and Performance Guarantees to Exploiting Trace Data
  • Predict an Online Oral Presentations Impression Using Soft Coding
  • Segmental Contribution in Noisy Conditions to Predicting Speech Intelligibility
  • Reverse Lookup for Memory and Fast Saving Instance and Reverse Nearest Neighbor Search Approximation
  • An Interactive Visual Analysis Tool Using Large Collections of Microscopy Videos for Cellular Behavior Studies
  • Massive Public Digital Cultural Resources Using Kind of Precision Recommendation Methodology
  • Smartphone Playback Detection Based on Efficient Learning Using GMM Super Vector
  • Focusing Multiple Language Translation on Outpatient and Long Distance Medical Services
  • High Efficiency Coding for Shaking Global Motion Compensation Based Surveillance Videos
  • Semantic Connectivity Explosion for Image Retrieval in Redefined Data Representation
  • Fusion Deep Convolutional Networks for Classify Large Scale Visual Concept