Master Thesis Big Data

Master Thesis Big Data

      Master Thesis Big Data is the elitist research ground to attain your achievement’s milestones. On these days, scholars need best research guidance in thesis preparation part which is one of the most complex tasks in research. For that purpose, our collaborative of experts are planned to start our Master Thesis Big Data service for scholars. Our magnificent brilliants refresh their knowledge from trendy of technological news, top journals and magazines. Owing to our experts are easily guide students and research scholars with our step by step guidance. Through our guidance, students and researchers can easily prepare their thesis by own. Be confident in everything you do. Scholars who are need our thesis preparation guidance? You can communicate with us promptly through our nonstop live care-in service.

Master Thesis Big Data

    Master Thesis Big Data is establishing for provide best of best for students and research society to successfully accomplish their graduation with the high score. Students have a more opportunities to do your research on Big Data since Big Data has led to a growing enthusiasm on current technology. Our experts are also train our students in big data based on infrastructure priorities and technologies with process including scalable infrastructure storage, information integration, workload optimization, stream computing, complex event processing, analytics accelerators, no SQL engines, development & scripting tools, high capacity warehouse, business intelligence etc.

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Let’s view a life cycle of Big Data,

Big Data

  • Web content (blogs, web sites, etc.)
  • Social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.)
  • Online activities (shopping, search, etc.)
  • Enterprise Apps (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Processes (server logs, process logs, etc.)
  • Textual Content (reports, documents, etc.)
  • Knowledge-bases (ontologies, taxonomies, etc.)

Data Ingestion

  • Data Preparation
  • Data Integration
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Versioning
  • Data Provenance


  • Natural Language Processing

             -Entity Extraction

             -Entity Resolution

             -Taxonomy Generation

             -Relationship Extraction


Semantic Graph

  • Construct graph of Places, People, Events, Rules, etc.

Machine Reasoning

  • Context Engine
  • Semantic Search
  • Process Automation Engine
  • Inference Engine
  • Machine Learning
  • Sensemaking Engine
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Semantic Query Engine

Intelligent Applications

  • Predict (Demand, Inventory, …)
  • Design (Process, Product, …)
  • Analyze (Problem, Performance, …)
  • Discover (Insight, Pattern, …)
  • Detect (Anomaly, Opportunity, Incident, …)
  • Compare (Products, Companies, …)
  • Find (Contents, People, …)

The list of Master Thesis Big Data that help you to write Thesis on Big Data:

  • Mean Field Power Demand Prediction Theory on Environmental Data and Timetable Through Information in Small Sized Framework
  • A Multilevel Deep Learning Approach for Power System Energy Management and Big Data Analysis
  • Using Social Media Mining Technology in Stock Market Price Prediction to Assistance
  • Effective Presenting for Hexagonal Eye Diagram Based Different Driving Styles Applied in Vehicle Insurance
  • Trust Assurance Privacy Preserving Paradigm in Participatory Sensing for Moving Objects
  • Cloud Paradigm Based on Productive and Scalable Workflow for Big Data Analytics
  • Integration of Geographic Location and Scripting Layer Based Web Map Implementation and Design for Android
  • Artificial Bandwidth Extension Algorithm in Cloud Environment for Multicast Conferencing
  • Incorporating Different Information Flow Source Into Integrative River Model Using Score Based Financial forecasting Model
  • Conceptual Paradigm Using Cloud Computing for Internet of Things Based Healthcare System,
  • Internet of Things by Information Retrieval Approach Using WiFi for Controlled      Smart Lights
  • Network & Application Layer Attacks Analysis and Detection Using Maya Honeyspot
  • Logic Gates Structure Based on Carbon Nano-Tube at Nano-Scaled Era for Low Power Consumption
  • Internet of Things and ICT for Smart Learning Environment Creation at Educational Institute for Students
  • Internet of Things Based Smart Monitoring and Security Development for Agriculture