Open Source Projects Related to Hadoop

Open Source Projects Related to Hadoop

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Open Source Projects Related to Hadoop

   Open Source Projects Related to Hadoop is our meritorious service with the aim of provides highly advanced and developed Hadoop projects for students and researchers in his globe. Today we are concentrating trendy of big data research concepts including energy efficient & green models, resource scheduling, sustainability issues, fault tolerance & reliability, machine learning techniques, graph analysis, large scale recommendation systems, index structures for big data analytics, exploratory analytics, big data management, scientific computing etc.

  Today, Hadoop is an Open Source Tool that available in public. It is a framework that provides too many services like Pig, Impala, Hive, HBase, etc. The number of open source tools growing in Hadoop ecosystem and these tools are continuously increasing. Let’s view such open source tools related to Hadoop,

Top Hadoop Related Open Source Tools:

  • Lucene [Java based text search engine]
  • Eclipse [Popular IDE written in Java]
  • HBase [Hadoop NoSQL Database]
  • Hive [Query data engine]
  • Jaql [Query language for JavaScript]
  • Pig [Large datasets analyzing platform]
  • Zookeeper [Centralized configuration service]
  • Avro [Data serialization system]
  • UIMA [unstructured analytic framework]
  • Presto [Distributed SQL query solution]

Frequently used Hadoop Related Open Source Tools:

Operational Frameworks

  • Benchmarking [YCSB, GridMix]
  • Monitoring [OpenTSDB, Ambari]

Data Integration

  • Ingest [Sqoop, Flume, Kafka]
  • ETL [Crunch, Oozle, Cascading, Falcon]
  • Serialization [Protocol buffers and Avro]
  • Metadata [HCatalog]

Data Analytics

  • Tools [Hive, Pig, Phoenix]
  • Libraries [Mahout, MLLib, H2O, SparkR]

Computational Frameworks

  • Batch [MapReduce]
  • Interactive [Dremel, Tez, Impala, Shark, BlinkDB, Presto, Drill]
  • Real time [Druid, Pinot]
  • Streaming [Samza, Spark streaming and Storm]
  • Iterative [GraphX, Giraph, Hama, Pregel]

Resource managers

  • Mesos and Yarn


  • Paxos, Chubby and Zookeeper

Data Stores

  • KeyValue [Cassandra, Dynamo, Voldemort]
  • Graph [Neo4, Titan]
  • Document [Mongo, Couch]
  • Column [Bigtable, Hypertable and HBase]

Top Open Source Projects Related to Hadoop Topics:

  • Green Trust Management Scheme on Mobile Ad Hoc Networks to Mitigate Trust Distortion Attacks
  • Glowworm Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Cloud Computing for Virtual Machine Placement
  • Fingerprint Calibration Reduction Using Heterogeneous Data Driven Manifold Regularization Strategy
  • Template Based Genetic Algorithm in Cloud Computing for Quality of Service Aware Task Scheduling
  • Efficient Data Services Through Cooperative Vehicle to Vehicle and Infrastructure to Vehicle Communications in Vehicular Networks
  • Histone Modification Analysis Using Tiled Binned 3D Scatter Plots in iPS Cells
  • Interaction Methods Evaluation in Visual Search Tasks for Controlling RSVP Displays
  • Non-Reference Restoration and IQMs (Image Quality Measures) Filters for De-blurring Single Image Blind
  • Improved Algorithms in Ad Hoc Wireless Networks for Two Energy Optimal Routing Problems
  • Cloud Assisted Application for Epigenetic Markers Investigation Through Apache on DNA Genome Sequence
  • Visual Sentiment Analysis Using Transfer Learning Approach for Social Images
  • Weighted Discriminative Discovery Learning Using fMRI Data for Depression Disorder Classification
  • Transmission of Higher Load Data in Probability analysis of Communicating Capabilities Based Opportunistic Networks
  • Effectively Handling New Relationship Formations Using Anytime Anywhere Methodology in Social Networks Closeness Centrality Analysis
  • Suitable Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using a New Topology Control with Reconfigurable Radio