Big Data Analytics Projects

Big Data Analytics Projects

      Big Data Analytics Projects is the knowledge highway to set your daydream for your tomorrow achievements. We offer the preponderance of opening for plenty of students and research academicians with an impressive goal of simulate their knowledge by artistic and uptrend research notions and thoughts. In previous academic year, we are serviced 10000+ happy customers in all over the world. Today, immense of students and research scholars are come and join with us due to our standard and quality of Big Data Analytics Projects service. Our trained students are spoken about our standards. Because of the reason, our guidance and training made them as certified expert in Hadoop. Would you eager to become as an expert? Immediate you can get in touch with us by means of our 24.365 live chat service.

Big Data Analytics Projects

   Big Data Analytics Projects offer dynamic technological framework for students and research society to receive ingenious and creative knowledge from our national/international level certified experts. We offer innovations and excellence for students and research fellows to excel their knowledge in specified career opportunities. Our magnificent Hadoop experts serve their creativeness by seminars, live projects and workshops for scholars to gain live experience in Hadoop.

Big Data Input Streaming Sources:

  • Networks
  • Location Information
  • Web analytics
  • Customer information (product/Profile)
  • Billing
  • Provisioning
  • Social media (Yahoo, Twitter, Google, FaceBook)

Big Data Analytics Lifecycle/Roadmap:

-Collect data

-Train model using Data mining or Machine Learning

  • Train algorithm 1 /*KNN Classifier */
  • Train algorithm 2 /*SVM Classifier */
  • Train algorithm 3 /*Logistic Regression */
  • ……..
  • Train algorithm N /* Algorithm name */

-Compare Results using performance metrics

  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Recall
  • F-measure

-Predict Future Values

Big Data Analytics Toolkits (Open-Source):

  • RHadoop

      Provides R packages




  • HiveMall

       -K-Nearest Neighbor


       -Feature Engineering



  • H2O

       R package



  • Mahout

      Supports key algorithms





      -Frequent Pattern Growth

  • MADLib

      -Pivotal GreenPlum Database

      -Pivotal HAWQ


  • Spark-MLLib




       Nowadays, Mobile applications organizing big data quickly and frequently in nature because of its individuality on real time querying. To deduce this, large size of data can use on data sources. Now, let’s see the big data mobile integration tools for your reference,

Amazon Web Services: Cloud based services which are used to create big data based applications in fast manner. It provides flexible access with affordable price resources for data access. Through this service we can develop the following big data applications including clickstream analysis, data warehousing, recommendation engines, Event driven ETL, Internet of Things Processing, Serverless Computing and fraud detection

SAP: Here we swim with ocean information (vast Zetabytes of data) flowing from mobile devices, sensors and computers. When using this SAP, we can store, manage and analyse data in on time.

Tableau: Mobile version streamlined software. It allows users to do some calculations an data filters and also it is used visualize offline snapshots of some visualization applications

IBMCognos: It is a key business intelligence tool available on mobile. By using this tool, users can show their history reports and dashboards.

QlikView: Data Visualization tool used on mobile which supports users to do some data processes like search, visualization and analytics.

Salesforce Wave: Business Intelligence software solutions to work on smart watches

SAS Mobile BI: It is used to create virtual environment across smart phones like Ipad, Samsung, Iphone, and Microsoft store.

Splunk: Software Enterprise/Splunk Cloud Intelligence for searching, monitoring and analyzing data through Splunk Mobile Access app.

Google Analytics: Web analytics service to do powerful operations to analyze their web traffic and reporting data

Let’s grab the list of big data analytics projects topics,

  • Efficient Process Analysis Using Path Based Bitmap Index in Cloud Computing Paradigm
  • Accelerate Applications Using Locality Improved Distributed Memory Cache on High Performance Computers
  • Stable Matching Based Storage Resource Allocation and Joint Computing in Data Centers
  • Energy Efficient Task Synchronization and Scheduling for Multicore real Time framework
  • Large Scale Video Linking and Endoscopic Image with Gradient Based Signatures
  • High Impact Machine Identification Research Over Image and Text Analysis
  • Disaster Information Detection Using Multiple Correspondence Analysis Based neural Network
  • Detect Android Malware on Image Patterns by Applying Classification Approaches
  • Analyze Hotel Rating Data Using Euclidean Similarity Measurement Scheme
  • Fusing Social Behaviors and Trust Using an Innovative Matrix Factorization Recommendation Algorithm in Micro-Blogs
  • Anomaly Detection Application for Detecting Terrorist Attacks Anomalous Records
  • Massive resource Sensing Data for monitoring Disaster on Cloud Computing
  • Multi Workflow Using Fairness Scheduling with Dynamic Priority on Heterogeneous Framework
  • Opcode Image Recognition Based Malware Variants Detection in Small Training Set
  • Double Stage Hierarchical Hybrid GA-ANFIS Scheme for Forecasting Short-Term Wind Power