Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects

Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects

      Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects convey artistic research paradigm which make you as an emerald stone to acquire competitive edge in this world. Our top-notch research institution offers comprehensive training in cutting-edge researches and technologies which change you professional career to grander summit guided by our global celebrated team of software professionals and experts. Our in-depth and unique approach enables students and research academicians to get real time exposure and difficult problem solving skills. Our professional team members afford our best and training programs for making scholars as high qualified IT professionals. Our training and development programs are only designed to cater scholars to upgrade their skill level in their career.  Think about our research platform, commit with us today for your Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects.

Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects

  Big Data Analysis Open Source Projects offers tip-top projects for scholars to get favorable outcome in your anticipated profession. In this academic year, we are obliging 5000+ students and research scholars by our novel and in-depth research ideas. We afford best training for our students in big data related researches in uptrend popular research domains, advanced versions of software and tools, latest implementation of algorithms, mechanisms and techniques, latest big data technologies and so on.

The Growing of Big Data Open Source Tools:

  • Data Acquisition Tools: Informatica, HP Vertica, Kalido, Microsoft, Mulesoft, Microsoft, Palantir, Oracle, Tibco, Talend, SAP, SAS, SnapLogic, Pentaho, Splunk, and Pervasive Software
  • Business Intelligence: Actian, Kognitio, ParAccel, Teradata, SAS, SAP
  • New SQL/No SQL: Hadoop, MapR, MarkLogic, Oracle, Sparsity, Neo4j, Splunk, Cloudera, Cassandra, Amazon Web, MongoDB
  • Data Governance: Oracle, Oracle Networks, Kalido, Microsoft, SAS, SAP, Pentaho, Talend
  • Data Analytics Tools: Anametryx, GoodData, Hadoop, Lattice, SAP, SAS, Revolution analytics, MapReduuce, Karmasphere, Opera solutions, Palantir
  • Data Visualization Tools: Asterop, Information, Builders, Jaspersoft, SpagoBI, Tableau, Tibco, Domo, Dassault, Oracle, Roambi, Qliktech, Panorama, NeutrinoBI, LogiXML, rCharts, matplotlib, ggvis, googleVis, ggplot2, D3.js

After completion of your projects from us, you get the knowledge from:

  • Big Data and Data Mining
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Hadoop, HBase, Hive, MapReduce, Pig, etc.
  • Java, Python, C/C++, SQL
  • Analysis Tools (Matlab, R, SAS, SAP, etc.)
  • Import and Export Data (.txt, .csv, .excel, .access, etc.)
  • Database connectivity
  • Data exporting to various formats
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Supervised/Unsupervised)
  • Role of Hadoop Ecosystem and its components

 The above said sessions will be provided with the aim of doubt clearing. For more such training sessions, commit with us. Get your Big Data Analysis Open source Projects along with the complete knowledge of a particular domain. Now, let’s view some projects titles which currently working by our top experts.

  • Recommender System Based on an Innovative POI (Point of Interest) Location Using Web Interactions and User Location
  • Lightweight Cipher SIMECK Using Multiple Rounds Aware Power Analysis Attacks
  • Big Data to Create Next Generation Wearable Data Driven EHR (Electronic Health Record) and Mobile Sensor in an Integrated Approach and Creating Sense HER
  • Large Scale Critical Event Mining and Industrial Alarm Reduction on Spark Using Graph Analysis
  • Visualizing and Mining Concepts Associations on Large Scale Unstructured Data
  • Practical Mechanism in Cloud Platforms for Failure Management to Predict Hard Disk Failure
  • Distance and Density Based Semi Supervised Nonlinear Clustering
  • Policy Based Quality of Service Enforcement on the Cloud for Adaptive Big Data Distribution
  • Extract Dependency Networks from Textual Sources for an Initial Implementation in Criminology
  • Implement Decentralized FLC Path Flowing and Dynamic Path Planning for Visual Serving Based WMR
  • Epilepsy Risk Level Classification Using Generalized Regression Cascaded Feed Forward Neural Network
  • Gathering Delay Tolerant and Energy Aware Data in Sensor Networks with a Mobile Sink
  • IT Personnel Perspective of Cloud Computing Slow Adoption in Public Sector
  • Smart Mobile Handset Devices Integration in a Smart Healthcare Center Organization
  • Stored Nonlinear Measurements Regressions for Reducing Sensors