Big Data Based Projects

Big Data Based Projects

     Big Data Based Projects is an overwhelming intellectual research amphitheatre to do achieve great attainment in your scientific excursion. We give best solution and training for budding students (BE, BTech, ME, MTech, MCA, and MPhil) and research philosophers (MS, PhD) in Big Data Based Projects. Our institution can successfully adopt on more challenges tasks thrown open in advanced Big Data research development. We give grand opportunities for students and research society to participate hand-on in real time Big Data Based Project Implementation, real world big data issues, Big Data workshops and seminars etc. Our old customers made us so proud; they have achieved lots in their research journey. Would you have eagerness to acquire our miraculous services? You can approach us through FaceBook, Twitter at 24/7.

Big Data Based Projects

   Big Data Based Projects offer wonderful research domain for students and research colleagues with the grand scope of bring forth scholars as a Big Data expert in future profession. We have 15+ years of experience in BIG DATA. We improve our company by our universal certified expert’s knowledge and experienced. Our Big Data professionals are only working for students and research community to give the best knowledge in big data, big data tools & software, supported hybrid algorithms, techniques etc.

What can Big Data do on these Days?

    Various streams of data can be processed like photographs, voice, text, sensor information, video data which is the fundamental need of big data. Right now it working on the following application scenarios,

  • Sentiment Analysis

         -SQL server, MongoDB

  • Data Refinery

         -MPP, Pentaho, Hadoop, SQL server

  • Digital Marketing Analysis

         -Aster Data, Hadoop and SQL server

Other Application Scenarios:

  • Shutterstock
  • Feed the hungry (Agriculture)
  • Crime Prevention
  • Prevent and cure disease (cancer)
  • Distant plants exploration
  • Man-made and natural disasters prediction

Major Features Benefitted from Big Data Analytics:

  • Behaviour Predictions
  • Product Optimization
  • Relevant Messaging
  • Experience Improvement

Current Research Directions:

  • Graphical Interface
  • Missing values recovery option
  • Social networks
  • NoSQL databases
  • Semantic Databases
  • Graph compression
  • DNA and Genomics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Spatial Information
  • Information Retrieval
  • Open sources databases
  • Cloud computing
  • Data collection
  • Public transport applications
  • Human activity recognition
  • Machine learning
  • Smart cities applications
  • Semantic types discovery

Recent Research Big Data based Projects Titles:

  • Multi-Clustering Bipartite Graphs Based Tourist Spots Using an Innovative Recommendation Algorithm Framework
  • Detect optimizing and Parallelizing Overlapping Community on Multi Core Infrastructure Using Speaker Listener Label Propagation Algorithm
  • Resource Allocation and Task Scheduling Algorithm in non-Collaborative Game Based Cloud Computing Framework
  • Attribute Based Keyword Search Proxy Re-Encryption in Cloud Computing to Sharing Secure Data
  • Control Quality Variance Using Collaborative Filtering Algorithm in an Environment Based Sensitive Process Manufacturing Industry
  • Cloud Computing Technology Based Warning Decision Making System for Retail Supply Chain Unconventional Emergency
  • Container Resource Configuration Approach in Sample Spilt Requirement Based Hadoop Transcoding Cluster
  • Kinetic Drives for Large Scale Key Value Store Framework Data Allocation
  • Task Eviction By Provenance Drive Diagnostic System in Data Centers
  • Software Defined Networking in Internet of Things for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack Mitigation
  • Large Scale Bipartite Rating Graphs for Scaling Collaborative Filtering Using Spark and Spark
  • Improve Imbalanced Big Data Classification Using an Enhanced Over Sampling Techniques
  • Analyze Efficient Biological Network Using Graph Theory Based Sampling Approaches
  • Lower Dimensionality Network Components for Virtual 5D Tours Network Implementation
  • Effective Queuing approach for Minimal Path Routing to Deliver Slim Fly Topologies with HoL Deadlock Freedom and Blocking Reduction