Big Data IEEE Projects

Big Data IEEE Projects

     Big Data IEEE Projects give immense of opening for you to build monuments by your great achievements. Our organization initiated with the motivation of feed our creative and pioneering knowledge for students and research scholars who come from BE, BTech, ME, MTech, MCA and MPhil. We train our students and researchers in the best manner of systematic interactive training method which engages scholars in learning career enhancing knowledge and essential skills over a prolonged guidance. Today, our Big Data IEEE Projects service is widely-reaching in 120+ countries in all over the world. Scholars, you can avoid anxious and panic about your Big Data IEEE Projects. We are always here to provide our full support and guidance in every stage of your Big Data IEEE Projects.

Big Data IEEE Projects

   Big Data IEEE Projects offer wondrous knowledgeable paradigm for students and researchers to upgrade their profile by our expert’s advice and support. We afford comprehensive support for scholars to implement their big data projects by our big data guidance including big data integration, big data acquisition, big data information retrieval techniques, big data cyber infrastructure, big data based resource management approach, reliable and fault tolerance in big data, big data systems scalability, sense making and analytics reasoning on big data, big data preservation and archival etc.

Current Big Data IEEE Topics Includes:

Big Data Algorithms and Models

  • Big Data Metrics and Analytics
  • Big Data Foundational Models
  • Programming Techniques and Algorithms

Big Data Management

  • Provenance and Quality control
  • Data Storage and Retrieval
  • Preservation and Persistence

Big Data Architectures

  • Cloud Computing Techniques
  • Big Data as a Service (BaaS)
  • Big Data Open Platforms

Big Data Privacy and Security

  • Privacy Preserving approaches
  • Security and Integrity
  • Information Security
  • Cryptography Algorithms
  • Security Tools Integration

Big Data Quality Services

  • Service Availability and Reliability
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Big Data Real-Time Services

Big Data Mining, Search and Visualization

  • Big Data Visualization Tools
  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Data Mining Techniques
  • Visualization Analytics on Big Data

Data sources for Big Data Research

  • Datasets (Available in Public)
  • Real-Time Data from Social Networks
  • Benchmarks in Big Data Applications

Real-Time Big Data analytics

  • Real/current clinical data prediction
  • Real-Time Big Data Analytics Techniques
  • Evaluation of Real-Time Big Data Systems

Smart Cities Applications

  • Enhance Resilient Infrastructures
  • Transportation and Healthcare Systems

In this article, we focus on Advanced Real-time Analytics on Healthcare applications.

  • Health Clinical Data sources: Electronic Medical Record Systems, Medical Image Databases, Clinical Genome Databases, Wearable Sensors, Biomedical Literature Databases
  • Predictive Modeling: Support Vector Machines, Random Forests, Decision Trees, Steaming K-Means, Dimension Independent Matrix Square, Deep Learning
  • Visual Analytics: rCharts, matplotlib, D3.js, googleVis, ggplot2, ggvis
  • Clinical Decision Services: Diagnosis and prognosis, Simulation, Patient similarity measures, Anomaly Detection, Data Visualization, Information Retrieval, Mail alert or remainder systems, Caretaking process

Recently Explored Big Data IEEE Projects Titles:

  • Active Learning Model Based on Bagging for Named Entity Recognition and Supervision
  • Automated Small Business Domain Knowledge Discovery Using Data Mining and Web crawling
  • Network Simulation Platform Design and Implementation for WAVE Protocols
  • Discover Evolutionary Community in Leader Node Based Dynamic Networks
  • Selection of Kernel Parameter Using Gap Maximization Among Inter and Intra Class Samples
  • Spatiotemporal Causal Pathways Identification for Air Pollutions with Urban Big Data
  • Deep Learning Network Based Novel Left Ventricular Volumes Prediction Method in Cardiac MRI
  • A Novel Method by Analyzing Sentiment for US Presidential Election Prediction in Social Media
  • Dynamic Traffic Assignment Based on Cellular Signaling Data Driven Simulation to Real World Road Network
  • An Authenticated Smart Card Service Using Big Data and Cross Cloud
  • Aggregated Aided Hadoop Framework for Improvising Name Node Performance
  • Computational Intelligence for Snort Log in Intrusion Detection System Using Hadoop
  • Class Prediction and Feature Extraction for Modeling Human Behavior
  • Cross Join Operation Through Large Data Considering Data Replication and Data Locality Quantities
  • Schedule Heterogeneous Load for Electric Vehicle Integrated Micro Grids