Research Paper Topics on Big Data

            Big data is considered as the huge volume of data, the accumulation of massive and supportive data growth, and the complex task of process, managing, and storing the base of the tool on traditional management. Reach out this space for more interesting research paper topics on big data analytics.

What is a research paper?

            The research paper is used to strengthen and explore the understanding of all the essential details and that is the practical application of the theoretical concepts. It is used to boost skills and expand the thinking process in programming big data analytics.

Top 5 latest research paper topics on big data

Top 5 Interesting Research Paper Topics on Big Data

  • Huge volume of big data software and tools for processing
  • Big data analysis and adaptation in a cloud computing system
  • Scalable storage system
  • Subjects based on security and privacy
  • Data mining tools and techniques

Implementation of big data research

  • Define goal
    • Select the research aim of the project
  • Identify the team members
    • Identify other team members of the research
    • It is essential to develop the research idea and it is useful to collect ideas from various perspectives
  • Define the work
    • Outline of research through the research possibilities and it is required to develop the research as per the order
  • Develop the plan
    • The systematic, actionable, and logical plan is generated in this phase of plan development and it is functional to achieve the research goal
  • Execute and monitor
    • Finally, the execution process is functional throughout the project, and monitor the research process through the deployment of project management tools

How do you do the research projects?

  • Topic selection
    • Selecting a topic is considered a significant task in the process of research. The researcher should sketch a clear idea about research with the strength of a specific field based on the topic
    • Choose the topic or project which has the value addition
    • In addition, the topic should be beneficial for real-time functions with the developments in both managerial and technical skills
    • The title should indicate the positive growth of the research field
  • Research the selected topic online
    • After selecting the research topic, the researcher has to go through the online research based on the topic
    • In addition, referring to some research papers online is beneficial for the researcher and it gathers various ideas and related topics for the research
  • Suggestions from subject experts
    • Gathering some knowledge from experts is essential for the research because implementing the fundamental paper with a novel algorithm may cause some error
    • Thus, the guidance from the experts leads to the perfect path in research
  • Planning
    • Sketch the rough idea about the project and it is useful to plan the research project
    • The researchers may collect data from various resources and that may confusions in the idea of the project, so planning is essential for research
    • In addition, planning is useful to adapt the research ideas
  • Execution of plans
    • The implementation of the plan is the crucial section of the process and the researchers have to confirm the materials which are used in the research
    • Time planning is essential because the researcher has to complete the research within a particular time and that should not exceed
  • Presentation
    • The experimentation process is essential for successful research and it is used to present the outcome in an appropriate way
    • It is used to reflect the additional objective of the research implementation

How is data science related to big data?

            Big data analysis is used to cater to the massive amount of data sets and that is used for data mining and data science is used for machine learning algorithms. The algorithms are used to produce and develop statistical models and to generate some knowledge from the collection of big data. We guide research scholars to craft a novel research paper topics on big data.

Is big data good for data science?

            Several application areas are using data science and that holds the significant phase in all the application areas. Particularly in big data, data science is used to originate beneficial insights with the usage of predictive analysis and the result is used to for smart decisions in the process. Consequently, data science includes the functions of big data all around the system.

What are the different file formats that can be used in big data?

  • Parquet file
  • AVRO
  • Sequence files
  • Columnar
  • JSON
  • CSV

The above-mentioned are file formats that are used with big data and Hadoop. The following is about the process to start the data science project in big data.

How do you start a data science project in big data?

  • Problem statement
    • The problem statement is essential to start a data science project and the researcher should define a problem for research and solve the problem using the research
    • Research objectives of the project are required in this phase
  • Data collection
    • This phase of data collection is used to collect the required data which is used to solve the problem
    • The data collection process is a complex task because often the researcher can’t find the data sitting in a database
    • On the other hand, the internet is used to collect data from various sources
  • Data cleaning
    • Data cleaning is used for the functions to remove the data such as
      • Unwanted
      • Duplicate
      • Missing
      • Redundant
    • The data cleaning process is considered the massive time-consuming phase in data science
    • It is used to avoid unfair predictions because it is essential to prevent inconsistencies in the data
  • Data exploration and analysis
    • The phase data analysis in the life cycle of data science is used to detect the trends and patterns in the data and it is used to repossess the required insights and learn something about the data features
    • It is essential to create hypotheses based on the data and the problem statement
  • Data modeling
    • Machine learning algorithm is considered as the model which is used to test and train the data
    • The process that takes place in this phase is denoted as the data splicing and that is used to split the complete data sets into two magnitudes such as
      • Training model which is used to train the data sets
      • Testing model is deployed to test the data sets
      • Optimization and deployment
    • This optimization phase is used to develop the efficiency of the data model and that creates several accurate predictions too

To mention a whole thought of big data, we have created this article for your reference. We hope that you got a general idea about the research paper topics on big data. Our research experts assist with all your research needs. So, join hands with us and we provide several research aids for your research.